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31 Marvelous May Writing Prompts

31 May Writing Prompts for Writers of All Ages— In these new writing prompts for Every Day in May, your students will get excited about spring, look forward to summer, and…

May Writing Prompts
Enjoy using this free and fabulous list of May Writing Prompts

… writers will grow their writing skills as they set intentions for their future. 

Fun Journal Prompts and Writing Ideas for the Month of May

Spring is underway and the end of the school year is in sight. This is why…

Students of all ages are getting excited thinking about summer and all of the fun and relaxation ahead. 

So get to it and have your 1st grade, second, 3rd grade, 4th grade, or students of ANY grade or age get to using these fabulous May prompt ideas right now. I know you’ll be glad you did.

May Writing Prompts

  1. May Day is one of the most fun holidays in spring, but it sometimes gets overlooked. Choose your favorite traditional celebration of spring: May Day baskets, bonfires, or collecting flowers. Write out your dream celebration of it, or any fun May Day memories you have.
  2. Choose a spring flower that symbolizes your personality and explain why you chose it.
  3. What is a dessert that reminds you of spring and what memories are attached to it?
  4. The first full week of May is National Pet Week! Write a story where you get a new puppy or kitty who can secretly talk.
  5. Create a Mother’s Day coupon book to give to your mom.
  6. Sketch an idea for a journal cover that has a cute spring-themed quote on the front. Explain why you chose that quote.
  7. Describe how your writing process at the end of this school year is different from how your writing process was at the beginning of this school year.
  8. Write about your favorite season and why you love it so much.
  9. Write a story where your favorite Star Wars character moves in with your family for the summer.
  10. Do you prefer April showers or May flowers?
  11. When you think of spring, what do you think of?
  12. Do you like walking barefoot in the grass? Why or why not?
  13. What are you looking forward to this year? 
  14. Are you happy or sad about winter ending?
  15. Today (May 15) is National Chocolate Chip Day! What is something that doesn’t usually have chocolate chips in it, but should?
  16. Imagine you could plan a mini spring break anywhere you want. Where would you go?
  17. Many plants are in different stages at this point in spring. Write a metaphor about what this reminds you of.
    Fun Writing Topics for May and beyond
  18. If spring didn’t exist anymore, and you had to repeat a different season, which one would you choose? Why?
  19. If you could create one more holiday to add to May, what would you choose?
  20. If you graduated from college today, what career would you pursue?
  21. Has your personality changed from when you were little? How do you think it might change in the future?
  22. If you could move to a new town and have a fresh start, would you? Why or why not?
  23. Set 5 goals for your relationship with your family this summer.
  24. May is National Salad Month in America. Would you rather eat a salad or a smoothie every day of your life? What would the flavor be?
  25. Would you rather spend 2 hours in a car, plane, or boat? Why?
  26. Write a story where you pick up a new, crazy hobby for the summer.
  27. Do you prefer to drink hot or cold drinks in spring? Why?
  28. What is your favorite outdoor activity when it gets warm outside?
  29. If you could live in any TV show’s world for a summer, which would you choose? Why?
  30. Imagine you can only use 2 ingredients to bake a cake. Which ingredients would you choose?
  31. Are you more of a tortoise or a hare? Why?

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