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Journaling is NOT a Scary Proposition

Journaling is NOT a Scary Proposition— by Lucy Dakota “Do Not Open! For My Eyes Only!” it probably says on the cover, yet you still worry no one will listen. You freak out, fantasizing about who will read it and who they’ll tell. The

Make an Online Journal

Make an Online Journal if That’s Your Style! When the term blog first surfaced, few people knew what it meant.  Today, however, nearly everyone knows what a blog, or online journal or web log, is all about, even your grandmother! Here’s an interesting snip-it

Succeeding in School

Being a success in the college or university setting requires that a student work diligently under their own motivation. In elementary school children are taught basic building blocks. Later, in junior high and high school, a student is exposed to more independence. By the

Writing for School Success

Children are beautiful and enduring because they have a unique ability to live their life in the “here and now”. A child can start dancing in the middle of the living room for no apparent reason and laugh at the silliest of things. Children