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Make an Online Journal

Make an Online Journal if That’s Your Style!

When the term blog first surfaced, few people knew what it meant.  Today, however, nearly everyone knows what a blog is all about, even your grandmother!

Here’s an interesting snip-it from Yahoo! Answers about the origins of the word blog:Make Online Journal

The word weblog has been around since 1993. Originally, it was just a computerized record of the requests handled by a web server. Then, it started to mean a website run by single human being, often in the form of a journal. The earliest known use of that meaning was in 1997.

1999 marks the first recorded use of the shortened form “blog.”

Blogging is a modern means of journaling for many, and if it is a desire of yours to make an online journal then we say, “Go for it!!!” Whatever your journaling style is — public, private, personal, or social — what matters most is that you use journaling as a means to express yourself.

Make an Online Journal & Other Journaling Resources

Here are some great resources for you to choose from to make your online journal:


With over 168,000 posts in just the past 24 hours (as of the posting of this article), this is one of the top online journals choices out there.

Online Journal/Diary

Are you looking for something a little more robust? Then Penzu may better suit your needs.  This is a great free service with lots of neat features.

Beginner Art Journaling Online Course

Is art more your thing than writing? If so you’ll want to check out this useful website with a lot of videos on how to make an art journal.  Talk about fun!

Online Dream Journal

If dreams and dream analysis is a passion of yours, you might really enjoy this neat, free service.  It’s your choice to make your journal public or private.  Free, fun and easy to use!

Journal keeping is an excellent way to learn more about yourself, to share your thoughts with others (if you choose to do so), to deal with stress, cope with the challenges of life, and generate solutions to problems.  And this is just the beginning of the many wonderful benefits you’ll experience by journaling.

So if you haven’t done so already, go make yourself an online journal!  You’ll be glad you did, and if you want, please stop back here and leave us a comment about your online journal.  We’d love to hear from you!

Journal on…

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  1. Dream journals, whether a notebook by the bedside or online, is probably one of the most beloved forms of journaling. I generally don’t try to analyze my dreams; I just take the images and emotions and see how they spin into poems!

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