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Award-Winning Kids Self Esteem Journals Helps Decrease the Adverse Effects of Materialism in Children—  New evidence exposes the adverse effects of materialism in children and adolescents and proves that increased materialism is directly related to a decline in a child’s self-esteem. According to a

Unique Gift ideas for Girls & Boys

Unique Gift ideas for Girls & Boys— Parents Who Give the Gift of Primary Time to Children Help Build and Strengthen Their Self-Esteem with Award-Winning Book series, Journal Buddies MN Author Encourages Parents to Give the Gift of Primary Time to Children This Holiday Season—

Kids Journaling Books

Prestigious Mark of Distinction Awarded to Innovative Journaling Books for Kids— Journal Buddies interactive journaling books for boys and for girls are both winners of the Mom’s Choice Awards, an award that represents quality and ingenuity. The Journal Buddies approach to building and encouraging

Kid Journal-Dairy for Girls & Boys

Kids Journal Diary for Girls and Boys Journal Buddies is intended to guide girls and boys on a journey of self-discovery by encouraging them to share and celebrate the many magnificent and excellent qualities, traits and talents they possess. Parents, teachers, youth groups, church

Parent and Kid Summer Journaling Activity

Concerned former youth worker and Youth Studies graduate promotes journal keeping in a way that helps parents and kids connect and that has a self-esteem building emphasis at the heart of the experience. Parent & Kid Summer Journaling Activity A well-loved kids journal, Journal

Self Esteem Journal for Girls

Ask a Girl to List the Stuff She Likes about Herself and You Will Likely Stump Her Little Falls, MINNESOTA—Ask a girl to list the stuff that she really likes about herself and she will likely list a few things. Ask her to list

Christmas Gifts for Kids

Christmas Gifts for Kids: Shared Journal Restores Parent, Child and Sibling Connections One of the biggest reasons that conflict exists between two people is because there is a lack of understanding regarding how the other person feels. This is true in the relationship between

Boy Diary

Boy Diary Builds Self Esteem and Bolsters a Kid’s Confidence FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE— Little Falls, MN, November 16, 2011: Today’s children are faced with numerous personal and growth issues throughout their youth and teenage years. From feeling overwhelmed with schoolwork and peer stress to

Shared Journaling Between a Boy and His Mom

SHARED JOURNALING BETWEEN A BOY AND HIS MOM Communicating with children has become more difficult for parents in recent years. With hectic work and school schedules as well as the advancements in technology, television and gaming entertainment many parents are finding it difficult for

Boys Diary

Boys Diary: One-of-a-Kind Journal for Boys Helps Parents Improve Son’s Self-Esteem Little Falls, MN—A unique, interactive and creative new book, Journal Buddies: A Boy’s Journal for Discovering and Sharing Excellence by Jill Schoenberg, is a one-of-a-kind experience for boys and their parents. This “diary/journal” offers