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Award-Winning Kids Self Esteem Journals Helps Decrease the Adverse Effects of Materialism in Children— 

New evidence exposes the adverse effects of materialism in children and adolescents and proves that increased materialism is directly related to a decline in a child’s self-esteem.

According to a study completed by Lan Nguyen Chaplin (University of Illinois) and Deborah Roedder John (University of Minnesota) a definite causal relationship exists between self-esteem and materialism with children and adolescents 8 – 18 years old.

The study states that low self esteem causes increased materialism and raising self-esteem decreases materialism.

Consider this. In 1990, $100 million was spent on advertising to children in America. By 2000, that figure had increased to $2 billion. Advertisers are targeting kids, and parents are concerned about the rise in materialism they see emerging in their children.

In addition to lowering a child’s self-esteem, materialism can also contribute to discontentment, unhappy relationships, and drug or alcohol abuse, according to Family.org.

“Our results indicate that simple actions to raise self-esteem among young consumers can have a dramatic impact of expressions of materialism,” Chaplin and John write.

Indeed, as part of their study, some children were given paper plates filled with positive comments that their peers had written about them. This simple gesture “completely eliminated the differences in materialism among different age groups” according to research.

This is fantastic news for parents who are concerned about the effects of materialism in their children.

Timothy Kasser, Ph.D. says that “Stressing personal growth and self expression will help a child focus more on inward experiences and less on trying to find satisfaction in external objects.”

A breakthrough journal helps parents build and strengthens kids self-esteem in only 10 minutes per day. Journal Buddies is a simple solution to parental concerns about childhood materialism.

Through experiential, hands-on journaling and creative expression, kids and parents complete this fun, interactive journal all while improving self-esteem AND lessening materialism in the process.

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