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Award-Winning Kids Self Esteem Journals Helps Decrease the Adverse Effects of Materialism in Children—  New evidence exposes the adverse effects of materialism in children and adolescents and proves that increased materialism is directly related to a decline in a child’s self-esteem. According to a

52 Journal Prompts for Kids on Self Esteem & Confidence

Self Esteem & Confidence Journal Prompt Ideas for Kids— Kids face consistent pressure from their friends and the media to look and act in particular ways. Though parents and teachers can’t take these pressures away, you can alleviate the damage by promoting confidence and

Confidence and Self Esteem

Confidence and Self Esteem: Four Tips for Parents and Caregivers Promoting confidence and self esteem in your child is one of the most important things you can do for his or her happiness and success. Children with higher levels of confidence and self esteem

55 Shared Journaling Ideas

Writing Prompts for Sharing Journaling— Though parents often intend to spend quality time connecting with their kids, it’s easy to get sidetracked by life’s many distractions and responsibilities. However, by scheduling time and activities to share together, you can foster connection and promote a

10 Keys to Building Esteem in Boys

How to Build Self Esteem in Boys— With the creation of Journal Buddies, I am excited to share with you an exciting and new approach to journal keeping that is, well… quite simply exhilarating! It’s called shared and creative journaling, and it comes with

Advocacy and Self Esteem

Advocating for Self Esteem— People who suffer from low self-esteem often feel helpless, powerless or even depressed. They may struggle to find joy and happiness in day-to-day life. Even worse, the may not recognize their unique abilities, talents, and skills. For these reasons and