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31 Incredible What Happens Next Prompts

Unleash Your Writers’ Creativity with These ‘What Happens Next’ Prompts— Oh yeah. What happens next writing prompts are a powerful tool to help unlock creativity and create compelling, fun, and engaging stories. So, if you or your writers are feeling…

What Happens Next Prompts

… stuck in a writing rut or find yourself staring at a blank page, unable to conjure up any imaginative ideas, then fear not, because our amazing list of what happens next writing prompts are here to save the day.


In this blog post, we’ll explore the magic of What Happens Next prompts, provide a fun and engaging list of prompts to get writers writing, plus share tips on how to use these prompts most effectively. 

Ok, without further ado, here we go.

Let’s start by exploring…

The Incredible Power of What Happens Next Writing Prompts

“What happens next?” is a powerful question that can spark creativity and imagination. It can be used to generate story ideas, to help writers get unstuck, and to simply have fun with writing.

When a writer is faced with a blank page, it can be daunting to know where to start. But if they ask themselves “What happens next?” their minds will begin to to think about and explore possibilities. 


They’ll start to imagine what could happen, and their mind will start to wander. This can be a great way to get the creative juices flowing.

What happens next prompts can also be helpful for writers who are stuck in the middle of a story.


If a writer hits a roadblock and asks “What happens next?” they may be surprised at what comes to mind.

Finally, what happens next prompts can simply be a lot of fun. And you might be amazed at how creative you’re students can be when encouraged to explore the idea of what happens next.

Getting Started with What Happens Next Prompts


“What Happens Next” prompt ideas are a great way to get the creative juices flowing in young or novice writers. Further, these ideas can be used to generate story ideas, to help writers get unstuck, and to simply have loads of fun in their story writing.

Now, if you or your writers are new to “What Happens Next” prompts, here are a few tips to get started:

  1. Start with a simple prompt. Don’t try to write a novel right away. Start with a simple prompt, such as “A child finds a magic wand”.
  2. Be open to anything. Don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild. Anything is possible!
  3. Don’t worry about the rules. There are no rules when it comes to “What Happens Next” prompts. Just have fun and let your creativity take over.


Once writers have gotten the hang of it, they can start to experiment with more complex prompts. They can also try using a “What Happens Next” prompt to help them get unstuck in the middle of a story.

Remember, one major key to getting started with what happens next writing prompts is to let one’s creativity run wild and not worry about getting it perfect. 

With some awesome prompts to help, young writers will have the power to unleash their imagination and create stories that are truly unique. 

Alrighty, it’s time to dive into our list of what happens next writing prompts.

31 What Happens Next Writing Prompts for Kids

To help kids get writing, use our list of what happens next prompts. Above all, enjoy this free writing resource. It’s yet another of soooo many wonderful ones we have for you and your students here on journalbuddies.com. Enjoy!

  1. Your main character is walking in the park when they find a lost dog. What happens next?
  2. Your character is driving home from work when they see a meteorite crash down in the distance. What happens next?
  3. Your character is at a restaurant when they overhear a group of people planning a heist. What happens next?
  4. Your character discovers a mysterious locked door in their attic. What happens next?
  5. Your character wakes up realizing they have superpowers. What happens next?
  6. A child finds a magic wand. What does he or she do with it?
  7. A group of friends discover a secret passage in their school. Where does it lead?
  8. A young boy or girl finds a pet dragon. What adventures do they have together?
  9. A young girl or boy wakes up one day and finds that they can talk to animals. What do they learn from their new friends?
  10. A group of kids find a time machine. What do they do with it?
  11. A young boy or girl is transported to a magical land. How do they get home?
  12. A group of friends start a band. What kind of music do they play?
  13. A young girl or boy wins a contest and gets to go to space. What does their trip entail?
  14. A group of kids start a detective agency. What kind of mysteries do they solve?
  15. You can fly. What happens next?
  16. You wake up to discover you can read minds. What happens next?
    What Happens Next Story Prompts
  17. You can travel through time and decided to visit your future self. What happens next?
  18. What if you could talk to animals?
  19. What if you could have any superpower? What happens next?
  20. What if you were the only person left in the world?
  21. You’re at the zoo and find a portal to another dimension. What happens next?
  22. What if you could bring back any historical figure to life?
  23. What if you could solve any mystery?
  24. You’re on your way to the movies when an alien appears. What happens next? 
  25. You’re biking through your neighborhood and come across a treasure of epic proportions. What happens next?
  26. You have magical powers!
  27. Your entire life you’ve dreamed of this and now it’s come true. What happens next?
  28. Your birthday party is in full swing in your backyard when your mom tells you some shocking news. What happens next?
  29. You take a spaceship to a new planet in outer space. What happens next?
  30. Part of your homework assignment is to write about your favorite things, but you’d rather write about pirates. What happens next?
  31. Some robots have gathered and are determined to take over the world. What happens next?

I hope you enjoyed these What Happens Next Writing Prompts, topics, and creative writing ideas.

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Let’s explore different ways to use these what happens next prompts to create a variety of scenarios and outcomes.

Exploring Some Scenarios with What Happens Next Writing Prompts

Exploring different scenarios with ‘what happens next’ writing prompts allows one to create a vast array of outcomes for your characters. 

Of course, writers can take a single prompt and use it to develop a full story, or they can combine different prompts to create a unique storyline. 

Our prompts can be used to jumpstart creativity and help one overcome writer’s block. By exploring different possibilities, young learners can create compelling characters, complex conflicts, and unexpected plot twists.

Now, let’s review some useful tips for using What Happens Next prompts effectively. These tips will help your writers develop their writing skills and take their stories to the next level.

Take a look.

Tips for Using These Prompts Effectively

Exploring different scenarios with what happens next prompts is a great way to unleash creativity and further refine and develop writing skills. However, it’s essential to use these prompts effectively to make the most out of them. 

Here are some tips to help you help your writers do just that:

1. Let your imagination run wild.

When using what happens next writing prompts, there are no right or wrong answers. Take each prompt as an opportunity to experiment with different ideas and scenarios. Allow your imagination to run wild and see where it takes you. The more open you are to exploring different possibilities, the more ideas you will generate.

2. Use prompts to spark your creativity.

Prompts are an excellent way to spark your creativity and overcome writer’s block. When you’re struggling to come up with an idea for your story, turn to a ‘What Happens Next’ prompt for inspiration. The prompt can help you get started and give you a direction to follow. Once you get going, you may find that your story takes on a life of its own.

3. Combine prompts to create unique storylines.

Don’t limit yourself to a single prompt. Consider combining two or more prompts to create a unique storyline. The prompts may not seem related at first, but with a little creativity, you can find a way to connect them. Combining prompts can help you create complex conflicts and unexpected plot twists.

4. Use prompts to develop your characters.

“What happens next” writing prompts are not just about the plot. They can also be used to develop your characters. Consider how each prompt would affect your characters and what challenges they would face. By delving deeper into your characters’ personalities and motivations, you can create more compelling and realistic characters.

Remember, what happens next prompts are a powerful tool for writers. By using them effectively, you can unleash your young writer’s creativity, help them overcome writer’s block, and take their stories to the next level.

Use and explore these prompts and see where they take your writers. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Until next time, write on…

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