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22 Villain Writing Prompts & Fiction Ideas

Every great story needs a hero, but a hero needs a great villain to make them shine! Here are some villain writing prompts to help you create villainous characters. Use them as inspiration for a villain in a story you’re writing or just for fun. Take a look now and enjoy!

Villain Writing Prompts & Fiction Ideas

Whether you’re planning on pursuing a career in creative writing or love to write for fun, knowing how to create a story around a villain can help you in many ways.

That’s why, in this blog post, we have created some fun villain writing prompts and fiction ideas to help you get started.  

Oh yeah!

You see…

Writing a great villain story isn’t as easy as writing about heroes.

I mean…

Making your readers fall in love with your characters is easy, but making them hate a character can be a challenge. To be able to write compelling stories, you need to ace the antagonist’s character. After all, villains keep the story interesting, keeping your readers hooked.

But with some good ideas and some writing practice, you can do it!

Ok, let’s get to those villain writing prompts so you can use these villainous prompts and fiction ideas in your next creative writing session.

22 Creative Villain Writing Prompts for Writing and Fiction

  1. Write a story about a supervillain obsessed with technology and creating a device that controls people. 
  2. Create a villain with a secret identity.
  3. Imagine an evil villain who plans to create a mass destruction tool.
  4. Write a story about a villain who hates law and order and goes to many lengths to disrupt it. Add another character who is a lawyer with superpowers.
  5. Who is your favorite villain of all time? Create a story about a superhero, keeping your favorite villain as the antagonist. 
  6. Write a story about two ordinary people who are best friends that become each other’s arch-nemeses.
  7. Write a story with a plot twist where the protagonist turns out to be evil in the end.
  8. Who is your favorite hero from popular superhero film franchises? Use that character as an anti-hero in your story. 
  9. You have to write a good villain that people love to hate – for example, Joker from DC Comic’s Dark Knight. The goal is to humanize your villain and use their backstory to explain why they are how they are.
  10. Create a story where the main character is the leader of a criminal gang. 
  11. Write a story about a person who has been faithful their entire life but becomes evil after being betrayed by their soulmate.
    Villain Fiction Writing Ideas for Students
  12. Describe the personality traits of a great villain.
  13. Character development challenge: Pick any character from the last science fiction show or movie you watched, and reveal their greatest want in your story and the extreme measures they take to achieve it.
  14. Write a story about a complex character who is living a double life and has superpowers. 
  15. In an alternate universe, you have superpowers, but you use them to bring destruction to the world. Use this theme to write a story.
  16. Who was the villain in the first book you read in the science fiction genre? Write a supernatural horror story keeping that villain as a main character. 
  17. If you get a chance to change a few things about your favorite science fiction movie, what would you change and why?
  18. Write about a supervillain with the ability to be in different places at once. 
  19. Create a story about a villain who can manipulate people with mind control superpowers.  
  20. Create a villain who is a psychopath and will do anything to achieve their goals.
  21. Imagine a mad scientist who wants to achieve immortality. Write an interesting story based on this character.
  22. Write a story where a heroine falls in love with the villain despite their flaws.

I hope you’ll be inspired to write about your favorite (or most hated!) villains with these creative writing prompts. Let your imagination run wild developing their stories!

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