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25 Creative Writing Prompts About Birds

If you’re looking for creative writing prompts about birds, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got dozens of ideas for you to use in stories, poems, journaling, essays, and more. Read on to learn more.

Creative Writing Prompts about Birds

There are reasons games like Angry Birds have become cultural icons. Typically, it’s because people are fascinated by the idea of winged creatures soaring in the sky above us. Yeppers! Birds are a fascinating topic for anyone and kids seem to especially love them.

Now, learning to write about birds can help aspiring writers in many ways.

Let’s take a look quickly at some of the top reasons why writing about birds is so wonderful. And then I’ll share with you some writing prompts about birds. You see…

Writing about birds can help a writer expand their vocabulary in new ways. Pro tip: Google the phrase “bird vocabulary words”.


Writers can use birds as characters in fictional pieces. After all, who doesn’t like reading a story about a penguin waddling through the snow trying to find its parents?

Further, writers may choose to use birds in their stories for allegorical purposes. In other words, birds may be used as symbolism in various ways in story writing.

For instance, some writers will will use birds chirping loudly to signal the start of something promising. Likewise, others may opt to describe the sky as being filled with crows as they depict something ominous in their writing. These are just two of the endless ways birds may be used to enhance one’s story in new and interesting ways.


Whether you’re writing poems, notebook entries, or short stories about birds, these prompts will help you considerably. Take a look now and enjoy!

25 Creative Writing Prompts About Birds

  1. Write an exchange between a talking parrot and a pirate captain. 

  2. A family of birds is migrating when a strong gust of wind knocks the baby bird out of the sky. Write a story about the little bird searching for and reuniting with its family. (You could use famous movies like Finding Nemo as inspiration.)

  3. Write a story about a high school student whose best friend is a talking owl.

  4. Develop a story around an owl leaving its nest at night to go on an adventure.

  5. Base a story around a group of penguins in Antarctica having an underwater swimming contest.

  6. Write and dedicate a poem to your favorite bird species. 

  7. Explain in detail which species of large birds you like the most and why.

  8. Write a story about an a character you create partnering with a large eagle to find hidden treasures in the Caribbean. 

  9. Explain why kids are typically so fascinated by birds.

  10. You find an injured bird in your backyard. How do you help it?

  11. Let your creative juices flow by imagining and penning a conversation between a group of frogs and a falcon.

  12. What would your wings look like if you could snap your fingers and turn into a bird at will?

  13. You’re playing in the schoolyard when you find golden feathers. What do you do?

    Bird Creative Writing Topics

  14. You’re swimming in the ocean with your friends when you notice a crow dive down for a closer look. What happens next?

  15. You feed a bird some food and thereafter it keeps following you everywhere. You bring it home, but your mom says you can’t keep the bird. How do you convince her to change her mind?

  16. Write some story ideas in your notebook about a bird that has lost its happiness and must regain it.

  17. You’re trekking in the forest when you get lost. Suddenly, the wise old owl starts talking, startling you. Continue this prompt idea.

  18. You’re swimming in the ocean. You see thousands of birds flocking to the coast. Write about what you think is attracting the birds.

  19. A pigeon enters the king’s castle with a small note tied to its leg. It has a very important message. What does it say?

  20. The world’s richest man invites you to his headquarters. He says he can create a jetpack to let you fly like your favorite bird. Which bird do you choose?

  21. Write a journal entry about feeling as free as a bird. 

  22. Detail a bird’s journey as it migrates during the winter.

  23. A pigeon flies into a bakery and sneakily eats the baker’s bread. Write a story about the pigeon avoiding detection.

  24. You’re in your local park when you find a dozen unhatched eggs. They’re the size of your head. Suddenly, you hear a sound. Continue this prompt.

  25. Imagine you’re a sparrow who is best friends with an eagle. Write a story about your friendship.

I hope you enjoyed our list of creative writing prompts about birds.

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Creative Writing Ideas about Birds

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