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30 Good Topics to Write About

Good Topics to Write About— Sometimes the hardest part of writing is to get started. Your child might struggle with what we adults call writer’s block, or they may have trouble coming up with a new topic. This is where good topics to write about can be super handy.

Good Writing Topics for Kids

With the following list of 30 writing topics, your child will be able to stimulate their creative process—no matter what their interests and hobbies. These general topics are great for kids, as well as adults.

Some of the good topics to write about get kids thinking about society and history, while other topics are all about science fiction and fantasy. Let your child pick out any topic that strikes their interest and start writing today!

30 Good Topics to Write About for Kids (And Adults, too!)

Encourage your kids to develop their thoughts on a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction ideas with these good topics to write about!

  1. Design your dream bedroom without any restrictions or limits, such as size or money.
  2. If you could choose where your class goes on a field trip, where would you go and what would your class do there?
  3. You are riding a camel at the petting zoo and it starts talking to you!
  4. Imagine a day where you get to be the teacher of your class.
  5. You wake up on a deserted island with only three objects. What are these objects and how will you survive?
  6. One morning a mad scientist comes to your front door and asks you to be her assistant. What will the rest of the day be like?
  7. Choose your favorite fruit or vegetable. Imagine you are a street vendor who sells all sorts of dishes made from this ingredient. Create a menu along with prices.
  8. Pick your favorite celebrity. Write about what it would be like to trade bodies for a day.
  9. Money suddenly disappears all around the world and you have to figure out a new way to buy things like food or clothing.
  10. Your shoes come to life. What kind of personality will they have? What stories will they tell?
  11. Your parents buy a new beverage for kids. You have a drink and discover you can fly!
  12. You can move to anywhere that is an actual place on Earth. Where would you go and what would your life be like there?
  13. When you go into the living room on Christmas morning, there is a bag that is bouncing up and down. You open it…
  14. If you could help anyone in your life to have a happier or better life, who would that be and how would you help them?
  15. The world no longer has internet. Think about all of the parts of your day that would change without having internet access.
  16. The year is 1910 and you live in London, England. Are you part of the working class living in a slum or do you live a posh life as a lord or lady?
  17. You arrive in the Americas on one of the first ships with the Pilgrims. How does your first day go?
  18. Imagine you have traded places with a tree in your backyard or neighborhood. Talk about everything you see from your position. Do you have animals living in your branches? Are you watching kids playing or people having a barbecue?
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  19. You win one million dollars. Describe how you feel and everything you will buy with the money.
  20. You are sitting in your classroom and a small bear walks in and sits at the desk next to you, but it is too small. Then the bear tries the teacher’s desk but it is too big. The bear walks over to your desk and wants to sit down. What happens next?
  21. You own a pizza restaurant where you create whatever kind of pizzas you want for customers. What’s on the menu? Remember to give your pizzeria a name!
  22. You go fishing and catch a big fish. The fish starts chatting away and tries to convince you to let it go back into the water. What does the fish say and is it convincing?
  23. A living unicorn is hanging out in your bedroom when you get home from school.
  24. Write about your favorite family member and discuss what they mean to you.
  25. Write a haiku, which is a Japanese poem with only three lines. The first line has exactly five syllables, the second line has seven syllables, and the third line has five syllables.
  26. Do you have any memories of when you were younger? Choose one and write about it.
  27. You need to get a job fast so you can earn money for something extra special you want. Write about what that is and how you are going to earn the cash.
  28. Imagine you are one of the little people from “The Borrowers,” a book about people who are as small as mice.
  29. It is St. Patrick’s Day and you see a short man wearing all green. Is it a leprechaun? Follow him and see if you can find the gold at the end of the rainbow!
  30. Your parents tell you that you are moving to a country on the other side of the world. You are all leaving at midnight and only have a few hours to pack. Everything must fit in one suitcase. What are the most important things you would take along?

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