Creative Writing Tips

Creative writing involves different types of writing. A poem, song, short story, novelette, novel, fiction and nonfiction are all included in this genre.

Creative writing is not just about providing information but it also involves the art of writing with powerful emotions, engaging ideas and deep thoughts. Writing in this style entails feelings and free thinking, and it involves personal style. In short, creative writing is about the writer and how she expresses herself through her writing.Creative Writing Tips

Here are some great tips to help you to improve your creative writing skills. Enjoy!

Creative Writing Tips

Creative Writing Tip #1 — Make a time commitment to your writing practice.

There is simply no way around the fact that it takes practice, dedication, and hard work for all creative writers to manifest their chosen type of creative written works, such as limericks, novelettes, plays, TV, radio and movie scripts, jingles, ads and so forth. All these creations need a writer’s words, time, faith, mind, heart and soul.

Tip #2 — Become an Avid Reader and Study Other Writer’s Skill & Style

To further enhance your writing skills, it is important to read various forms of reading materials.  We suggest you read a book, a magazine, a newspaper, a brochure or any written material. Study the writing style, form and content closely.  By doing so you will begin to have thoughts and insights on what to write about for your next creation.

In addition, by becoming an avid reader you will also deepen your understanding of the skill level and ability other writers use to engage the interest of their readers. If the material you are reading is boring, you can still make the experience a positive one — and a very useful one at that!  You see, by reading boring and bad materials you begin to understand, from the reader’s perspective, why and how the writer failed to capture your attention.

Tip #3 — Love Your Craft

The secret to writing creatively and successfully is to love the craft and to get deep satisfaction and happiness from your efforts.  Your readers must be able to detect your love for the written word.

Super-Hot Creative Writing Bonus Tip: 

Do you best to ensure that your written work, be it is a simple composition in school or a wildly creative poem, is created with joy and adoration.

Tip #4 — Set a Goal to Write on a Daily Basis

Every day, we suggest you write for at least half an hour. Moreover, we suggest you set a goal as to how many words you want to write every day. Then, as time goes on, you can increase the number of words.

Know this: Every written piece that is good, bad or mediocre still helps you to improve your creative writing skills. So try not to pause your daily writing, or you will hamper your writing progress.

Tip #5 — Avoid Clichés

For every written work, you should do your best to avoid those ideas that are obvious. These are called clichés and they make a material trite, boring and unengaging. If it is not possible for you to avoid or delete clichés, it would be best to reword or rephrase them in a way that gives them new life (i.e. new sounding to your reader).  You could also add a new twist or angle to clichés if you insist on using them in your creative writing creations.

Tip #6 — Read Your Writings Out Loud

Read your work out loud so that you can hear if your words make sense and truly echo what you intend them to mean. Ideally, the content you write will trigger the imagination of your readers thereby forming vivid images, characters, and scenes in their minds.

Creative writing requires plenty of imagination, dedication and practice. When you want to develop your skill in this writing genre, it will take some time to practice the craft.  But with these creative writing tips, along with your commitment to regular practice sessions you will be able to refine and deepen your creative writing skill and ability in no time!

Until next time, write on…