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12 Amazing Picture Writing Prompts for Kids

Picture Writing Prompts for Kids— If you are looking to use visual writing prompts to inspire your students to write, you have come to the right place. Read on to learn more about what makes visual prompts so amazing!

Picture Writing Ideas for Kids

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Get New Inspiration for Your Student Writing Assignments

In an age where children are getting their information from more interactive and engaging sources than ever before, it’s important that educators keep up with the times when encouraging their students to write.

While tried-and-true writing prompt and journal topic lists effectively help students explore new topics and express their own ideas, picture writing prompts can be a unique and innovative way of inspiring kids to tell a story.

Picture writing prompts consist of an image — and sometimes a short sentence — to prompt a student to begin writing.

The goal is to have the student look at the graphics and picture and write a new story, poem, or essay inspired in the writer’s mind by the image. Now, that’s a great way to get those creative juices flowing! Truly, it’s amazing to see all of the different ideas that bloom in children’s minds from just one image.

How to Use Visual Writing Prompts

Below, we share 12 fabulous picture writing prompts that will spark your students’ imaginations and support their writing creative process.

But first…

Take a good look at the picture writing prompt shown below. And then, consider this:

Picture Writing Prompts
Source: Denise Cassano’s Writing Prompts

One suggested prompt to go along with this picture is, “They flew away to start their journey…“.

And that’s just one writing idea this picture prompt can inspire. What ideas does this image inspire in you and in your students? Of, in your next classroom writing session.

Indeed, the prompt possibilities from visual images are endless.

12 Amazing Picture Writing Prompts for Kids

For students, visual writing prompts are often an unexpected way to begin their next creative writing exercise. In all likelihood, most of their teachers in the various courses that they take rely on written prompts. While traditional story prompts and journal topics are useful, relevant, and timeless, picture writing prompts provide a variety of benefits to students.

Check out the creative and lovely picture prompts shown below. These amazing picture prompts were created by the highly talented Denise Cassano.

Denise Cassano
Denise Cassano Writing Prompts

Picture Writing Prompt Prompts

  • Image 1 Prompt (Girl in headband): She placed the headband on her head and began to imagine…
  • Image 2 Prompt (Lion with crown): The lion had been transformed. She was dreaming of another time and another place…
  • # 3 Prompt (Bats): The bat family was just awakening, but they knew it would be an exciting night…
  • Image 4 Prompt (Whales): The great migration was about to begin…
  • Image 5 Prompt (Zebra): He was staring off into the distance. The zebra knew what he had to do next…
  • # 6 Prompt (Elephant with bird on trunk): A surprising new friend had arrived. He had so much to share…
  • Image 7 Prompt (Porcupine and cheetah): On the surface, they appeared to be enemies. But in truth, they were partners on a mission…
  • # 8 Prompt (Moose): The journey had been long. As the moose looked back, it knew that there was still another adventure ahead…
  • Image 9 Prompt (Sleeping animals): After a long day of exploring, it was time to rest. When they woke up, the animals would need to…

Picture Writing Prompts

  • Image 10 Prompt (Elephant running): The young elephant was so excited to see its mother once again…
  • Image 11 Prompt (Elephant in water): The watering hole was his favorite place. He knew when he arrived, all of his other jungle friends would be there shortly. Together, they would…
  • Image 12 Prompt (Lion roaring): The king of the jungle had an announcement to make…

Discover More Picture Writing Prompts

The twelve visual prompts shown above are just a few of the incredible picture writing prompts by Denise that you can use with your students. And, if you are like me and can’t get enough of these incredible illustrations and visual prompt ideas, you’re in luck! There are many more to discover.

Here’s how you can see more images to use for your next creative writing exercise in your classroom.

===> See more Denise Cassano Picture Writing Prompts <===

Now, you are invited to take a moment to explore our suggested prompt ideas you could use with the picture writing prompts shown in the image above.

More Visual Writing Prompt Resources

Additional Resources for Using Picture Writing Prompts

Sometimes, you may want to complement your picture writing prompt lesson with a worksheet that can help teach students to use these prompts in a variety of ways. This free printable worksheet is a wonderful resource to enhance your visual writing prompt lesson plan.

Ready for More Multimedia Prompts? Consider a Video Writing Prompt

If you found that picture writing prompts were the perfect addition to your classroom curriculum, then be sure to keep building off of this lesson plan. Next, consider using a video writing prompt to help inspire your students to write.

Here is one of our favorite video prompt ideas created by Denise. Take a look!

3 Key Benefits of Picture & Visual Writing Prompts

The benefits include:

  1. Giving students more freedom to come up with their own stories and ideas. Some written story prompts can be limiting and can point students in a particular direction as they begin their short story. Picture writing prompts allow students to ponder the image and come up with the story that they think works best with the picture they have been given.
  2. Allowing students to use different resources to develop their creative writing skills. Picture writing prompts are particularly beneficial for those who find themselves struggling to master their writing skills. They may be more visual and may find visual writing prompts to be a better starting point for their written word.
  3. Encouraging students to incorporate writing into every aspect of their lives. Writing should not be limited to an English or literature classroom. With visual writing prompts, teachers can remind students that the inspiration for writing can be around every corner.

No matter which tools and resources you prefer to use in your classroom, just remember to have your students keep on writing!

Until next time, write on…

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Picture Writing Ideas for Kids
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