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Childhood Questions: 55 Fun Ideas

Childhood Questions to Write About to Capture Your Memories — Rediscover your childhood memories with these engaging childhood questions and creative prompts. Whether you’re a young writer or more experienced, these fun and insightful questions will spark nostalgia and help you reflect on the past. So go for it and take a look – your inner child is sure to enjoy it. Oh yeah!

Childhood Questions Creative Writing Prompts

Why Write About Childhood Questions

Childhood, adolescence, and the early years are often some of the most fun times of every individual’s life. 


Those experiences and the people around us greatly impact what we become as we progress through life. 


As we grow and our memory fades, we can easily forget some of our most treasured memories. So why not write about them and lock them in your journal? 

This way, you can read all your favorite childhood memories in adulthood and take a magical trip down memory lane! 

Writing also helps with your cognitive development, improves memory function, and brings feelings of happiness. It enables you to be more expressive, remember important life events, and focus on new details. 

To help you write about your memories, we have selected some fun yet simple childhood questions anyone can write about. Be as creative as you can while answering them!

55 Fun and Inspiring Childhood Questions and Creative Writing Prompts

  1. Write a short poem on your favorite toy and your best memory with it.
  2. Write a Christmas-themed story listing some real experiences from your life.
  3. List all your best memories.
  4. Write about your childhood home. Do you still live in that home? How many homes have you lived in since then?
  5. What was your most loved childhood possession?
  6. Write about your favorite childhood TV shows.
  7. Did you have an imaginary friend while growing up? Write about them.
  8. How did you spend your holidays as a child? Write about your holiday memories. 
  9. Describe your favorite childhood memory.
  10. Were you an only child or do you have siblings? Write about them.
  11. Did you share your room with your siblings or have your own? Write about your room.
  12. How did you spend Thanksgiving while growing up? 
  13. Write about the most memorable place you have ever lived.
  14. Who was your role model? Write a poem about them.
  15. Describe your favorite memory with each of your siblings.
  16. Were you close to someone in your extended family? Describe your relationship with them and the best memory.
  17. Write about your school best friends. Are you still friends with them? 
  18. Did you have a hideaway in your childhood? Write about it!
  19. Was there a time you cheated on a test in school? Did you ever get caught? 
  20. Write about the best gift you have ever received and why you love it so much?
  21. Who was your favorite teacher in high school? Write a short story about them.
  22. How would you describe yourself as a teenager? 
  23. What was the best place you visited in your childhood? Write about it. 
  24. Write about your experience when you first flew on an airplane 
  25. Describe your best childhood adventure. 
    Childhood Questions to Write About
  26. Write an essay on your family history.
  27. Were you a good student?
  28. Talk about the best dish your mom made when you were young. What did it taste like? 
  29. Which insect or animal scared you the most?
  30. Which holidays did you enjoy the most as a child?
  31. List all the nicknames you had while growing up from friends and family.
  32. Write about your family traditions and what you love about them the most.
  33.  Write about your hobbies as a child and now. Explain how they have changed 
  34. Try to write the recipe for your favorite food as a child. It doesn’t have to be right, you can guess how it could be made!
  35. Write a letter to your best childhood friend.
  36. Do you remember your grandparents’ house? Describe it.
  37. Imagine you get to meet your first TV crush. Prepare a list of questions you’d want to ask them! 
  38. Write an essay on a family vacation.
  39. Write about your typical day as a teenager. What was your routine and how did you spend your time?
  40. As a child, did you like Christmas or Thanksgiving more (or Halloween, or…)? Explain why.
  41. Describe the most exciting thing that happened when you were in high school.
  42. Do you have any quirky or “odd” relatives? Write a story by establishing them as the main character.
  43. Were you homeschooled or did you attend a traditional school? Write about your schooling memories.
  44. Write about your childhood character traits and the qualities you still have.
  45. Have you ever done something you shouldn’t have done? Write about it.
  46. How many times were you grounded? Describe each experience you remember, along with the reason.
  47.  What was your first kiss like?
  48. What was your favorite subject in middle school? 
  49. Did you use social media as a kid and what was your experience using it? 
  50. What was your least favorite subject in school? List down the worst things about it.
  51. Did someone ever break your favorite toy? Write about it if you remember.
  52. How were you as a child? Were you shy, adventurous, rebellious, or obedient? 
  53. Did you have a positive outlook on life as a child? Explain what you remember about your mindset when you were younger.
  54. Who was your favorite grandparent and why?  (Or, simply write about your grandparents.)
  55. Which relative’s wedding did you have the most fun at when growing up?

I hope you enjoyed this list of childhood questions. They will help you capture your childhood memories and give you an opportunity to share some of your most colorful experiences as a child. 

Oh, and you could take things a step further and use these ideas as interview questions in order to preserve your family legacy. 

Alrighty, that’s all for now. Now get to it, take out a piece of paper, your journal, computer, or other writing device and use the space to write down your answers to this fun list of childhood questions!

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Childhood Questions Writing Prompts

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