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Superhero Writing Prompts (21 Fun and Easy Ideas)

Fun and Easy to Write about Superhero Writing Prompts and Ideas— Oh yeah! If you’re looking for inspiration to draft your very own Marvel-, DC Comics-, or Disney-like super hit, you’re in luck. You see, you’ve just discovered some excellent Superhero writing prompts. Yes…

Superhero Writing Prompts

These ideas will boost your imagination and inspire you to create your own very superhero stories.


I’m sure these superhero writing prompts will light up your middle school or high school classroom. So, let’s get to it and let the superhero writing fun begin!

Writing About Superheroes is Super Fun!

It’s true.

Pretty much every youngster, and lots of adults, wish they had a super power whether it’s teleportation, the ability to fly, or something else. And…

Projecting those wishes on paper through a super hero character with other-worldly abilities is an excellent way to give writers the chance to be introspective, adventurous, and creative by crafting their very own superhero story.

Plus, writing a storyline about superheroes with super strength and powers is a feeling like no other. Ok, get to it and use these superhero themed writing prompts today. I think you’ll be glad you did.

21 Creative and FREE Superhero Writing Prompts

  1. A hero’s sidekick turns against him and becomes the villain.
  2. “It was a quiet day in the town. On your way back home, you saw something terrible up ahead. It was…” Continue this story.
  3. The superhero’s nemesis discovers his only weakness.
  4. After her secret identity is revealed, a superhero must choose between leaving town or risking putting her loved ones in danger.
  5. The superhero discovers his greatest enemy is secretly the high school principal.
  6. “Hello, thank you for tuning in to channel 9 news at 8. Today, we bring you the story of how SuperKnight stopped a team of bank robbers! It all started when…” Continue this story.
  7.  A typical day turns into an action-packed adventure when a band of brothers is tasked with saving the world from an alien invasion.
  8. Create a comic strip about a day in the life of a superhero.
  9. Write about a superhero and a supervillain who are siblings
  10. The villain turns the entire town against the superhero after winning the elections.
    Superhero Writing Ideas
  11. A superhero learns the value of teamwork after splitting up with his sidekick.
  12. You wake up to find your wish for superpowers on a shooting star has come true.
  13. Write a day in the life of your favorite superhero.
  14. “Me? A superhero!?” After a superhero has presumably met his match, his only hope is your help.
  15. After writing a letter to your favorite superhero about your bully, he comes to your school to help you confront your fears.
  16. Rather than walking down the stairs to breakfast, you flew! Write about you discovering how you got this sudden superpower.
  17. You find out you have a superpower you hate. Write about how it helped you overcome your fears/dislikes.
  18. Write about a pair of roommates who don’t know each other’s alter egos – one’s a hero, and one’s a villain.
  19. Make a list of superpowers you wish you had and why.
  20. After years of saving millions of lives, you’re sick and tired of risking your life for nothing in return. After a series of bad events, you turn to the dark side. Continue this story.
  21. You wake up to discover everyone in the world has a superpower but you. You go on a journey to discover it.

I hope you enjoyed these creative writing prompts and use them for in personal writing, as assignments in class, in homeschool writer’s workshop, and more.

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A Few Final Thoughts On Superhero Writing Prompts

Stories about individuals with extraordinary powers battling evil and protecting the innocent are as old as time itself. Collecting comic books and waiting eagerly for your favorite superhero movie on the big screen is a feeling nearly every kid can relate to (at least to some degree).


Whether your favorite universe is Marvel or you’re a DC diehard, you’ll find many inspiring, well-written, and relatable superheroes like Batman, Spiderman, and Wonder Woman.

And now, with our new list of superhero writing prompts you can craft your very own creative superhero-themed stories. Now go for it and let your imagination run wild and get to the fun of writing your best superpower and hero story today.

Until next time, write on…

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Superhero Themed Writing Ideas

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