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22 Fabulous Fanfic Prompts to Amp Up Your Writing

See and use our wonderful list of fanfic prompts — one of the best parts of being in a fandom is being able to create your own unique content based off the existing canon of that particular fandom. Read on to get inspired and enjoy!

FanFiction Writing Prompts

Yes! Let’s Write Some Fanfic

What fandoms are you a part of? Maybe you’re a superfan of a TikToker, YouTuber, a TV show, series of novels, or a movie.

Writing fanfiction is such a fun way to stretch your mind and this list of writing prompts will help you find inspiration to create your own short story.

Each fiction prompt is written in such a way that you can customize it to whichever fandoms you love. You can try writing about science fiction, romance, fantasy, or any other genre you like!


You can use these creative writing prompts for yourself, your students, or a creative writing group to get over writer’s block and practice writing about different topics in a new genre.

Now, let’s get to that list of fabulous fanfic prompts. Enjoy!

22 Fabulous Fanfic Prompts to Skyrocket Your Writing

Fanfiction is a type of writing that uses the world and characters of an original work in order to create something new. Here are some inspiring fanfic prompts to get you on your way to creating your very own original story!

  1. A young boy gets lost at a large concert and gets saved by your favorite superhero. They build a beautiful relationship.
  2. You are minding your own business when you get transported to your favorite fantasy world and everyone knows your name! Now you just have to figure out whether to stay or leave.
  3. You get magical powers that let you heal mental illnesses and you team up with your favorite magical character to change the world.
  4. Your mother is diagnosed with a significant medical condition and your favorite character shows up at your door to cheer you up.
  5. On Halloween night, you see as someone dressed as your favorite character and tell them their costume is amazing. But then you realize it’s really them!
  6. You are just living your life when you notice someone committing a crime. To your surprise, the world’s greatest detective comes to consult you about the details.
  7. Write a story where you adopt your favorite dog from a fandom as a puppy and show how he ends up in the story you love.
  8. You make friends with someone you met in real life…until you realize they’re the old enemy of one of your favorite characters!
  9. You live in the world of your favorite fandom where the main character is a writer. You write on a daily basis until you become a successful writer, working among the staff from your favorite book or movie.
  10. A middle-aged man is going through a messy divorce and he decides to kick his bad habits. In the process of changing his life, he falls in love with a character who isn’t from the human world.
  11. A group of poets find themselves writing poetry about celebrities from the real world and then get to meet them!
    Ideas for Writing Fanfic
  12. You’ve spent your entire life in the same city. You pack up and move to LA and on the first day of school, you become friends with a teenage celebrity. 
  13. Your protagonists are identical twins who are expected to take over their family business. When they are preparing for their grand reopening, they get some unexpected help from a social media star!
  14. You go into a time machine and run into your favorite sci-fi character at the other end. 
  15. A group of characters you love are hanging out together when they find a baby left on their doorstep. They’re left having to take care of it until they can figure out where they belong!
  16. Expand on part of a book or movie that you wish was more fleshed out.
  17. Write a story where your favorite online creator is being forced to create their content.
  18. Write a backstory of your favorite book or movie.
  19. Write a story about two of your favorite characters having a meet-cute at a coffee shop.
  20. Write a story where the characters are opposite genders than in the original story.
  21. Write a fanfiction story that’s under 100 words about one of your favorite characters living in a world from a different genre.
  22. Write a story about two of your favorite characters making a recipe together.

Hooray for Fanfic Prompts

I hope you enjoyed this list of fanfic prompts and remember…

A fanfiction author can be anyone who writes stories about characters or worlds created by someone else. (Fanfiction authors are sometimes called “fanficcers” or “fanfic writers”.)

Use our fantastic list of fanfic prompts to help you become the next famous fanficcer.

These fiction writing prompts can give you some fuel for your short story writing. You can use them as story starters or even create your own writing prompts based on these ideas! 

Hopefully these will give you fun opportunities to dive into the worlds you love and grow your writing skills.

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Fanfic Writing Prompts

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