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22 Spellbinding and Fun Halloween Story Ideas

Halloween Story Ideas and Writing Prompts— Halloween is a highly imaginative and creative holiday and perfect for getting kids interested in creative writing practice. This is especially so when you have a list of fabulous Hallow Story ideas at your fingertips. Oh yeah!

Halloween Writing Ideas for Kids

Yet, sometimes getting kids to write can be a challenge. But when you have a list of great ideas to inspire them, very often the writing experience begins to flow and becomes so much easier. 


I hope you and your writers have a spook-tacular time exploring these new Halloween writing ideas listed below.

Ok, get to it and these prompts with your student writers today. I think you’ll be glad you did.

Listed below are twenty-two new writing ideas to help make any Halloween-themed story a little more exciting and enjoyable.

In fact…

I hope these new Halloween story ideas and writing prompts will spark some creative writing brilliance in young writers, and, hopefully, inspire kids to write the best story they possibly can!

22 Halloween Story Ideas

  1. Writing a ghost story of your own can be great fun – what is the scariest ghost story you can think of and what exactly makes it sooooooo spooky?
  2. What’s your favorite Halloween tradition? Why is that? Write about your favorite Halloween traditions and why you are such a fan of them.
  3. Describe in great detail how crazy the world would be if we all dressed up like it was Halloween every day!
  4. If you were going to make the perfect Halloween costume, what would you make and what would you need to make it?
  5. You can be anything you want for Halloween – who would you go as? Describe your costume choice in detail.
  6. Who would be the best person — or group of people — to go out trick or treating with on Halloween night? Why?
  7. What are three of the best tricks that you know when it comes to tricking somebody? What makes them the best?
  8. Halloween is a very unique time of year – how does it make you feel?
    Halloween Writing Prompts for Kids

I hope you enjoyed these Halloween story ideas. But…

If these writing ideas failed to get the young writer’s creative juices flowing, then surely the fourteen Halloween writing starters listed below will do the trick. These ghastly writing topics will get any child’s creative mind working overtime and coming up with amazing Halloween stories. All the writer needs to do is choose a sentence and build on it.

14 More Halloween Writing Starters

What does your mind come up with when you read these story starters? How far can you take just one sentence?

  1. The big fat cat dressed in its funny costume turned around and started to…
  2. The house was said to be haunted by the ghost of…
  3. Nobody knew who the kid in the costume was, he took the mask off and…
  4. The stormy weather came down on the building, and the kids were all set to go…
  5. The howls in the distance made everyone scared, but…
  6. You might not believe in ghost stories, but…
  7. I couldn’t believe it! There it was…
  8. The strangest Halloween ever all started with….
  9. I was eating all of my candy when…
  10. The door swung open, nearly coming off the hinges, and…
  11. The big gooey cauldron kept bubbling, and then…
  12. And just like that, the little child in the ghost costume…
  13. We didn’t know if he was serious or not, so we…
  14. I shut the door behind me quietly, and then….

For an extra challenge, ask writers to incorporate as many of the following spooky words into their writing:

  • Black cat
  • Vampire
  • Spider
  • Haunted house
  • Goblin
  • Werewolf
  • Monster
  • Favorite candy
  • Decorations
  • Basement

Ok, that’s all for our list of Halloween story ideas and story starters.

Until next time, write on…

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Halloween Writing Ideas for Students

In addition to our Halloween story ideas check out…

Even MORE Halloween Fun for Kids

The following article was published in October of 2017 and may be of interest to our readers today.

The highlight of the Halloween season is the night of October 31, when everyone heads out to trick-or-treat in their costume of choice. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun at home or in the classroom prior to the big night of candy collecting! Whether you're an upper elementary or middle school teacher, or you're a parent of a tween who wants to add an extra dose of frights in this year, these fun Halloween ideas will help you make this the best Halloween yet.

Kids of all ages delight in the thrills, spooks, and treats of Halloween, but it’s particularly fun for those between the ages of 9 and 13. Whether you’re an upper elementary or middle school teacher, or you’re a parent of a tween who wants to add an extra dose of frights this year, these ideas will help you make this the best Halloween yet.

6 Halloween Fun for Kids Ideas

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Around the age of 10, children may be able to start using safe pumpkin carving tools to create their own jack-o-lanterns. Giving them the freedom and autonomy to do this on their own will help them build confidence and inspire them to get creative. Teachers can host a pumpkin carving party in their own classrooms, or parents may opt to host a weekend event that involves a trip to the pumpkin patch with a carving contest to follow. Be sure to create lots of categories so that everyone walks away with a winning jack-o-lantern!

Pumpkin Painting Party

Sometimes it’s just too daunting to let a bunch of 11-year-old kids start hacking away at pumpkins. As an alternative option to the carving party, consider hosting a pumpkin painting party. Pie pumpkins are great for painting because they are smaller and easier for elementary and middle school students to handle. This could be a great addition to the art class lesson plan, or it could be a viable option for an after-school play date.

Spooky Story Hour

About the time that students enter the fourth grade, they can begin to identify the different elements of a story. It’s important to start introducing the concept of an introduction, a climax, a conflict and a resolution to students, while also encouraging them to take note of the characters, setting and time period of any story.

To help with these concepts, ask the children to write a scary story that includes all of the necessary components. On the day the assignment is due, ask each student to read their story aloud in their most mysterious and spooky voice. This Halloween story hour will quickly become an annual tradition! Oh… and here is a list of awesome 30 scary story writing prompts for kids!

Halloween Poetry Reading

Students in upper elementary school and middle school are just beginning to discover that poetry can be a wonderful way to showcase their creativity and express their emotions, but many are surprised that you can create thrilling poems with a Halloween twist. Ask students to spend some time drafting poems that include ghoulish characters and dark, twisted themes. After the poems have been written, host an event where students can read their poems out loud while others relax, have a few snacks and offer feedback as to which poems left them sitting on the edge of their seats with fear.

Historical Halloween Party

While modern superheroes and contemporary icons often make amazing Halloween costumes, teachers and parents alike can have a bit of fun with Halloween by incorporating a historical twist. Ask the kids to read a book about a favorite historical figure, and then encourage them to make their own costume that represents the individual they chose. Everyone needs to wear their costume to the Halloween party, and those in attendance need to guess who they are dressed up as. It’s an easy way to create a living history lesson that is not just informative but also tons of fun!

Concoct a Creepy Snack

Kids who are entering their tween years have not lost their desire to get their hands dirty and make a mess, yet they are craving a lot more independence. Give kids the freedom to create their own creepy recipe and allow them to make it for their friends. Hot dogs wrapped in biscuit dough can make some pretty frightful mummies, or green olives skewered onto mozzarella cheese balls can become delicious yet disgusting eyeballs. These are the perfect treats to serve at the next Halloween gathering!

Take one or more of these ideas and incorporate them into your lesson plans this Halloween, or plan a party for the kids after school to get them excited for Halloween. There’s an educational element to each activity, but they are so fun-centric that the kids won’t even realize they are learning along the way!

Hopefully, these ideas help you have a spook-tacular Halloween!

Whether you're an upper elementary or middle school teacher, or you're a parent of a tween who wants to add an extra dose of frights in this year, these fun Halloween ideas will help you make this the best Halloween yet.

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