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78 Fun Halloween Writing Ideas & Journal Prompts

Halloween Writing Ideas for Elementary Kids and Students of All Ages Elementary writing may be practiced year-round. Yet, the holidays are a particularly fun time to encourage children to practice their creative writing skills. Best of all…

Spooktacular Halloween Writing Prompts

Halloween is a perfect time of year to engage the imaginations of kids and encourage them to get creative with their elementary writing practice.

With fall leaves on the ground and students planning their costumes, Halloween is on the minds of your elementary students.


Go ahead! Exploit their excitement and connect it to their elementary writing skill development.


It’s likely that elements of the season have been showing up in their school work already, so why not give them some specific Halloween writing ideas for the spooky occasion? After all, they already know that creative writing is nothing to be scared of – but some of these 78 new prompts may spook them just a little nevertheless.

Now get to it and…

Treat your students to these fun (elementary) Halloween writing ideas and encourage them to get extra creative with these exciting writing ideas!

78 Halloween Writing Ideas for Elementary Aged Students

  1. What do I want to be for Halloween this year?
  2. How I’ll design my jack-o-lantern
  3. Favorite place in the neighborhood to stop during trick-or-treating
  4. “I got a rock” – worst Halloween treats
  5. The most uncomfortable costume I ever had
  6. What makes a good costume
  7. What would happen if I got stuck in my costume and turned into a _________?
  8. The scariest story I ever heard
  9. If I were Frankenstein’s creator, what would I have made him look like?
  10. Going through a haunted mansion
  11. Stuck in a corn maze
  12. Write a story about seeing a black cat on Halloween
  13. My favorite costume ever
  14. The greatest scary movie of all time
  15. Picking out a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch
  16. What will you use to collect all of your treats?
  17. A thunderstorm on Halloween
  18. Drinking the witch’s brew
  19. What would happen if you saw someone wearing the same costume?
  20. The origins of Halloween
  21. The best costume I ever saw
  22. Who am I going trick-or-treating with this year?
  23. My family’s Halloween traditions
  24. Best trick-or-treating weather
  25. Spiders and creepy-crawly things
  26. What if I discovered my house was haunted?
    Halloween Themed Writing Ideas and Prompts for Kids
  27. Bats in the belfry (bell tower) …
  28. What I like (or don’t like) about Halloween
  29. The spookiest ghost story ever
  30. Tricks and treats on Halloween
  31. Spending the night in a graveyard
  32. What if your Halloween costume came to life and chased you?
  33. If I could cast a spell, what would it be?
  34. The best Halloween decorations
  35. Legends of the haunted house
  36. What is the best treat to get on Halloween?
  37. What if you went to a school for ghosts?
  38. Who carves the pumpkin in your house, and why?
  39. The most popular Halloween costume
  40. Imagine your dinner companion turned out to be a vampire.
  41. What if your dad was a warlock?
  42. Would you rather eat worms or spiders as a Halloween trick?
  43. Belinda the black cat
  44. When the skeleton in the biology room came to life
  45. Finding out your older brother is a werewolf
  46. Does your family ever dress up in costumes that match each other?
  47. How old will I be when I stop trick-or-treating?
  48. The Great Pumpkin
  49. Who would win in a fight between a werewolf and a vampire?
  50. What would you like your teacher to dress up as for Halloween?
  51. Solving a Halloween mystery with Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Machine
  52. The tradition of All Soul’s Day
  53. Going horseback-riding with the headless horseman
  54. The scariest looking house in my neighborhood
  55. Bobbing for apples
  56. The best thing about the school Halloween party
  57. A day in the life of a ghost
  58. How to prepare for a zombie attack
  59. The year my sister’s dolls came to life
  60. If I were a wizard, what would I do?
  61. Scariest Halloween legends
  62. A ghost in my house that can walk through walls
  63. Sneaking on board a pirate ship
  64. If I had a flying broom, where would I go?
  65. A pumpkin house
  66. The best flavor of candy corn
  67. Getting lost in a dark forest
  68. What if your best friend turned into a zombie?
  69. Finding a bat in your backpack
  70. Funny Halloween jokes
  71. Having a jack-o-lantern for a head
  72. The night of the full moon
  73. Best scary mystery books
  74. What if your mother was a mummy?
  75. What if you wake up as an imaginary creature, like a vamp-wolf, or a skele-ummy
  76. What would you create if you were a mad scientist?
  77. Dracula visits the dentist
  78. When gummy worms come to life

I hope you enjoyed this spooktacular list of Halloween writing prompts and ideas!

77 More FREE Halloween Writing Prompts

Until next time, write on…

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  1. I love “Dracula visits the dentist!” Sometimes the funniest stories result from what I call “stating-the-obvious” prompts! I challenged my husband, ever the comic, to write a story centered on that idea!

  2. Hi Janet!

    I’m so glad you enjoyed the prompts… I’d LOVE to read what your husband came up with from the Dracula starter! 😀

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