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25 Terrific Fantasy Story Ideas

Fantasy Story Ideas to ignite your imagination or that of your writers— If your students want to write a short story, fantasy is one of the best genres for them to start out with. You see, not only will it stretch their imaginations, but it will also help them embrace the silly, fun parts of writing.

Fantasy Story Ideas

Fantasy Writing with Starters and Prompts

Hooray. Our wonderful list of fantasy story ideas and creative writing prompts take all different forms, yet…

The one thing they have in common is that they will provide fantasy plot ideas for your students, so they can practice their storytelling skills and creativity.

So get to it and take a look at this fabulous list of fantasy story ideas to inspire your writers right now. I know you’ll be glad you did.

25 Terrific Fantasy Story Ideas

  1. An evil witch casts a spell on your best friend’s refrigerator!
  2. You are transported to a world where some people are able to fly and some aren’t – and nobody knows why! Along the way, you meet a mad scientist who thinks he knows the answers. It could change your family’s lives!
  3. They say not to meet your heroes, but you accidentally bump into your favorite superhero. Along the way, you realize this might not be the best idea…
  4. Write a story from the perspective of some detectives who have been hired for a good cause.
  5. You meet a prince who wants to make you his princess. You thought that these things only happened in fairy tales, but now it’s happening in the real world!
  6. You take a trip to Sedona and find a group of people who are cosplaying wizards. At least, you think it’s cosplay…
  7. You discover an adorable creature under your deck and realize it has special powers. When your mom sees on Facebook that they’re looking for the creature, you know you need to hide it to keep it safe.
  8. You go to a magic show and get called on stage to take part in one of the tricks. As it’s happening, you become magical yourself. How will you persuade your friends and family that it really happened?
  9. Your best friend at school (a new student) says that their family has a secret farm of dragons at home. You think it’s a joke until you see them with your own eyes. But, it turns out, the books and movies got dragons all wrong. They actually look and act like…
  10. Write a story about two lovers who were destined by fate (and a secret spell) to be together, but don’t exactly get along.
  11. Imagine you get to go to Hogwarts, and you meet Harry Potter. What adventures do you go on together?
  12. Write a fantasy story of historical characters finding the “New World” (the United States) in a way that’s completely different from the real story.
  13. Write a story where a genie is actually an evil villain.
    Fantasy Writing Prompts for Story Writing
  14. You are on a quest to find some gold when you realize you’re standing on giants’ territory.
  15. Imagine you’re living in the world of Lord of the Rings. Write a story where you visit some of your favorite locations from the books or movies and meet some of the characters.
  16. You’re a kid who’s really into novels… Until the novel on your bookshelf gets a life of its own.
  17. Write a story where the protagonist and antagonist are the same person, but they don’t know it. (This could be comedic, horror, or any other sub-genre you’d like to work with.)
  18. Write a story where your family is being chased by a monster who has to be charged with electricity.
  19. You think you’re going to adopt a puppy, but you end up bringing home a unicorn! How will you and your friend explain it to your parents?
  20. Write a story where social media literally changes the world, because of a friend who can create Twitter posts that predict the future.
  21. Write a story where a werewolf has to pretend to be a human. What difficulties does he run into?
  22. Create an outline for a fantasy novel that combines a few of your favorite tropes from fantasy books you’ve read.
  23. Write a sci-fi story where a kid needs to get his driver’s license for a flying hoverboard.
  24. Write about a magic ice cream truck that can produce any sort of ice cream anybody wants. Explore how that might actually be a bad thing.
  25. Write a story where there are so many genie lamps, it seems impossible to get rid of them.

I hope you enjoyed this list of fantasy story ideas. I mean…

What is more fun than writing about fantasy worlds and mythical creatures? 🙂

Here at Journal Buddies, we love giving story prompts that can bring joy to any writer who comes across them. We hope that each of these fantasy prompts could spark your students’ interest and give them some inspiration that will help them move into the fantasy genre.

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