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Things to Put in a Bullet Journal

Bulleting journaling ideas— Your friends and colleagues have been talking about their bullet journals and you’ve finally decided to jump on the trend. You bought a gorgeous notebook and the blank pages are just waiting to be filled. You’ve got your pens ready and you’ve got a basic understanding of the system.

What to Put in Your Bullet Journal

Now you need to start filling it! Your bullet journal can be as simplistic as you need or as ornate and extensive as you crave.

Here are a 13 Things to Put in a Bullet Journal

1. Appointments and Events

One of the most basic functions of the bullet journal is to serve as your daily planner. In the daily section of your journal, you should record all meetings, appointments, events, and important dates. These entries should include both personal and professional commitments, as your bullet journal should be your all-in-one resource for every aspect of your life.

2. Your Daily To-Do List

In addition to keeping track of your commitments, you also can use bullet journaling to record your to-do list and hold yourself accountable. The daily to-do list should be written out and you should check off each item as you complete it. Prior to beginning a new day, refer to the previous day to make sure there aren’t any outstanding items on the to-do list.

3. Fun Facts, Observations, and Thoughts

Throughout the day, you can record important happenings, memorable moments, observations, or experiences. This allows you to transform your bullet journal from a simple planner into an easy-to-maintain personal diary. Many people include these notations in their daily section.

4. Short-Term Goals

The monthly spread is often found at the beginning of a bullet journal and is the ideal location to take note of all short-term goals for each month. By setting short-term goals and keeping them in an easy-to-find location, you will be much more likely to accomplish them rather than cast them off to the side. The bullet journal is more than just a journal; it’s also an accountability tool.

5. Long-Term Goals

Long-term goals can be displayed in the future log and should be referenced throughout the year. You should include short-term goals in the monthly spread that will help you achieve your long-term goals throughout the coming year.

The possibilities for your bullet journal are endless. The ability to personalize the bullet journaling process is what makes it so unique and is what has drawn so many people to this technique.

6. Books You’ve Read

Avid readers often like to keep track of the titles that they read, but that can be difficult without the right system in place. Luckily, bullet journals encourage people to start collections — which essentially means they dedicate one or two pages to specific lists or notes. A book collection allows you to record the titles and authors of the books you have read during a specific period of time.

7. Movies You’ve Watched

Similar to a book collection, a movies collection allows you to keep track of the movies you have gone to see at the theater or that you have streamed online in the comfort of your own home. Perhaps you will want to differentiate the two to keep track of your experiences! The ability to customize this collection is what makes it so appealing.

8. Places You’ve Visited

A travel log is another popular collection for those who are addicted to bullet journaling. In this collection, you can write down the places you have visited, who went with you on your travels, and the dates that you stayed at the destination. If you travel frequently, you may want to make a domestic travel log and an international travel log.

9. Things You are Grateful For

Gratitude collections are an up-and-coming trend among the bullet journaling community. Writing down what you are thankful for can help you focus more on what you have and less on what you want to get. People have taken to writing down people they are grateful for, items they are grateful for, experiences they are grateful for, and even flaws that they appreciate.

10. Your Wish List

Do you constantly have people asking you what you would like for your birthday or for a holiday present? By keeping a running wish list in your bullet journal, you’ll easily be able to come up with appropriate suggestions for any occasion.

11. Recipes

Those who are constantly looking for inspiration in the kitchen will love adding a recipes collection to their bullet journal. This is a great place to store family favorites as well as new ideas.

12. Spending Tracker

Accountability is an overlying theme in the bullet journaling concept and a spending tracker is a great idea for any financially savvy person who is working toward both short-term and long-term financial goals.

13. Chore Chart

The bullet journal is meant to be a tool to help you streamline your daily life. If you are managing a household, you know that chores can quickly get cast to the side, forgotten, or ignored. A chore chart can help divvy up the responsibilities while making sure that everyone stays on track.

The possibilities are endless. The ability to personalize the bullet journaling process is what makes it so unique and is what has drawn so many people to this technique. When you are logging what you want, you’ll always be compelled to keep on writing!

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The possibilities for your bullet journal are endless. The ability to personalize the bullet journaling process is what makes it so unique and is what has drawn so many people to this technique.
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