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33 Creative Writing Prompts to Improve Writing Skills

Writing Prompts to Improve Writing Skills — Writing is a craft and a writer of any age may have natural creative writing talent or may choose to build it over time. Now, this blog post was created especially to help you boost your creative writing skills, regardless of your age. So take a look, read on to learn more, and enjoy.

Writing Prompts to Improve Writing Skills (age 8 -80!)

One of the most common misconceptions about the writing process is that creativity is something you are born with.


I encourage you to choose to believe that developing amazing creative writing skills is possible for any writer of any age at any time.

You see, creative writing is simply a set of skills that anyone can develop and hone over time if they so choose. Best of all, the level of proficiency one achieves is completely up to the writer. Truly, the sky’s the limit.


Yet far too many people feel that they are either creative — or they are not. But the truth is that when you make an effort to practice your creative writing skills, you will improve and can take your skills to the next level.

Now, here is what you’ll discover in this article:

Ok, let’s get to it and explore how you can expand your skills and become an amazingly creative writer.

Why Improve Creative Writing Skills

There are many different types of creative writing and many people actually begin to develop their creative writing skills during childhood. Yet, it can be a practice that they forget about over time. However, people of all ages can benefit from creative writing and its many uses and applications.

Excitingly, creative writing exercises provide you with an outlet for your feelings and emotions, allow you to put your ideas down on paper, and give you some quiet time to simply enjoy yourself.

With regular creative writing practice, you will find that certain aspects of writing come much more easily to you. For instance, you will find that your characters are more well-rounded and have more depth to them. You’ll likely also improve the narrative structure of your writing (aka the storytelling framework such as buildup, climax, and resolution).

Further, you will find that the dialogue you create is more natural, and the world that you design with your words is more immersive.

Best of all, your overall creative writing/imaginative language skills will improve dramatically when you practice this form of writing on a regular basis.

Now, let’s explore some tips to help you refine your creative writing skill set.

6 Tips for Developing Your Creative Writing Skills

  1. Write as often as possible. You don’t have to spend endless hours every day writing, but you should carve out some time throughout the week in order to write freely. Sometimes, 15 minutes of writing per day can help you clear your head and improve your prose.
  2. Prepare for the writing process by creating outlines for your plots and your characters. A basic sketch of who you want your character to be can help you fill in the details while you are writing. A general idea of the plot’s introduction, climax, problem, and solution will allow you to write a cohesive story that is relatable to the reader.
  3. Use what is familiar to you when you are writing. For instance, you could base the setting of your story on your hometown, or you could write about a character who is based on someone that you know. This allows you to have a stockpile of information and details to choose from that do not require intensive research before you can start writing.
    Creative Writing Skills and Prompts for All Age Writers
  4. Create a quiet space for yourself to write. You should write in a spot that feels calm and comfortable, as this will help you think more clearly and be less distracted. It may be best to keep your devices in another room so that you can focus solely on the work that is in front of you.
  5. Let other people read what you write. This can be intimidating because you are putting yourself out there and giving someone access to your most intimate thoughts and ideas. However, a fresh pair of eyes can give you insight into where you can improve. You also might be surprised to find out just how much someone else loves what you wrote!
  6. Be open to trying new ideas, approaches, and genres. You may love to read romance novels, but why not try your hand at mystery writing? You might find your niche in a surprising place. There are so many different genres to explore!

Improve Creative Writing Skills & Develop Your Creativity

Developing creativity requires practice. You’ll need to focus on improving your writing skills for your stories to shine. Here’s how:


The internet is a great resource for writers because it helps them obtain new ideas. However, writing requires you to understand the subject matter. As a result, many established and highly-regarded writers often argue that you should only write about what you know.

Observation is crucial in understanding the world around you. It’ll help you identify interesting things in real life that you can incorporate into your stories.

Follow Proper Plot Structure

Ensure that you follow proper plot structure in your stories. Each story must have a beginning, climax, and resolution – commonly regarded as the three acts of a story.

Write from Different Points of View and Perspectives

Another way to improve creativity is by experimenting with different perspectives and points of view. For instance, consider switching to a third-person point of view if you usually write in first-person. Likewise, you can also experiment with different perspectives and narratives in your stories.

Now that you have these tips, you can become a better writer by using the following creative writing prompts to get started.

Writing Prompts to Improve Writing Skills (age 8 -80!)

Sometimes the hardest part about writing is getting started.

Fortunately, our creative writing prompts to help you further develop your creative writing skills are designed for writers of all ages and skill levels. With these fabulous creative writing prompts and ideas, you can practice your creative writing skills and develop your own storyline that is completely unique and authentic. The type of writing prompt that you chose is all up to you!

  1. While you’re at a favorite Chinese restaurant, you open a fortune cookie and read this message: “You are in great danger. Leave the city and tell no one.” What do you do?
  2. Write a short scene about two people who see each other for the very first time. What do they notice about each other? What are they thinking?
  3. Think about a recent dream you had. Write a short story inspired by one of your dreams.
  4. You’re working in the garden when you suddenly come across a huge diamond. What happens?
  5. Create a piece of writing that includes the following words: draw, high, pencil, bubble, open, perilous, bit, corner.
  6. Open your dictionary to a random word. Read the definition. Write a story that uses that word.
  7. Invent a new type of sandwich. Describe what you put on the sandwich and how you make it.
  8. Pretend you are a dog for a day. Write about a day in the life of a dog from your perspective.
  9. Think about one of your favorite movie characters. Write a short story about that character suddenly appearing in another movie.
  10. You walk into your room and open a drawer. You see a disturbing photo you’ve never seen before…
  11. When you go to a garage sale, you purchase an antique desk and bring it home. Once home, you open the drawers and find something incredible in the very back of the drawer…
  12. A guest from a local hotel disappears. A detective is called in to investigate. Describe how he searches the guest’s room from the first-person point of view.
  13. A character in your story is going to the beach for the very first time. Describe the beach from that character’s point of view.
  14. Where is your favorite place to escape when you need to be alone? Describe that place in 500 words using all your senses: Sound, sight, smell, touch, and taste.
  15. You walk into your home. It’s completely different than when you left. Describe all the changes in décor, furniture, etc. No one is home. What’s going on?
  16. Write a story about something that scares you. Describe how you feel when you’re scared and how you react.
  17. You have a million dollars, but it all has to be given away. You have 24 hours to give it away. How do you accomplish this and who do you give the money to?
    Prompts and Tips to Improve Creative Writing
  18. What if your mirror started to talk to you? What would your mirror say to you?
  19. Choose one of your favorite photos and then write a story based on that photo.
  20. Write a story about a time you made a mistake. Why did you make the mistake? What happened after the mistake was made?
  21. If you were a painter, what would you paint as a mural on your bedroom walls? Use plenty of details to describe what you would paint and how you would paint it.
  22. If I would have known then what I know now, I would have never… Finish the story in 500 words.
  23. Write about a character who is waiting for a job interview. What is the character thinking? What are they worried about?
  24. Turn on your music playlist. Push play and use words from the song or the title of the first song as the basis for a story.
  25. Write a story scene in which two best friends are fighting and it looks like their disagreement may dissolve the friendship permanently. You decide why they are fighting. In the end, try to show a little sliver of hope that they may be able to reconcile.
  26. Choose a famous painting and write a story about why the artist created it.
  27. Write a story about a time you were caught doing something that was embarrassing.
  28. Spend some time watching people around you. Choose one person (someone you don’t know) and write a story about their day.
  29. Scroll through Facebook and pick a random status update. Use it to create a story using that person’s words.
  30. You have created a new magic potion that cures cancer. What is in the potion? How does it work? What will you do with it?
  31. Think of five adjectives and write them down. Use these five adjectives to write a story.
  32. Think about your favorite fairy tale. Rewrite the fairy tale to make it modern or come up with a new ending for the fairy tale.
  33. Write a story that is inspired by a recent trip to a street fair, carnival, or another special event. Use very descriptive words to tell about what you saw, heard, smelled, etc.

I hope you enjoyed this list of prompts to improve your creative writing skills and use them to refine your writing talents.

If you need even more inspiration, check out these more expanded prompt ideas.

5 MORE Detailed Prompts for You to Improve Creative Writing Skills

1) Center a Story Around Your Best Friend

Consider creating a story around your best friend as the main character. Creating compelling characters is often challenging for many young writers. However, things become easier when basing a character on a real person. You can incorporate their personality and habits to make your main character more compelling.

2) Use Your Favorite Place as the Main Setting for Your Story

Another excellent prompt involves using your favorite place as the main setting. Your favorite place will vary based on your preferences. Some writers might write about their favorite restaurant, while others might select their childhood home. Regardless of the location, using your favorite place as the main setting for your story is something you should consider.

3) Write a Story About Your Younger Self Meeting Your Favorite Superheroes

Everyone likes superheroes. The Marvel craze is a sign that superheroes are here to stay. So, how about writing a story where your younger self meets your favorite superheroes? You could even make the story more exciting by giving your younger self budding superpowers.

4) Try Penning a Story About a Fantasy World During Your Favorite Season

Do you have a favorite season? Perhaps, you prefer summers over the winter season. Consider penning a story about a fantasy world during your favorite season. You can take inspiration from A Song of Ice and Fire. After all, the series revolves around winter, playing a significant role in the story. Since it’s a fantasy world, you could also give characters magical powers that awaken during your favorite season but remain dormant throughout the year.

5) Intermix Horror and Science Fiction

Genre-bending is becoming more common than ever. Try writing a Lovecraft-inspired horror story interspersed with Sci-Fi elements. You could also incorporate depth into your story by including a climate change catastrophe that requires humanity to move to a new planet.

To further improve creative writing skills, check out our roundup post of 1,000+ Creative Writing Ideas. There are so many forms of creative writing and creative writing techniques to consider! I hope you’ve been inspired to get started on your first draft of your new creative writing piece!

More Writing Ideas for All Age

Until next time, keep on writing…

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