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Wow! 1000+ Prompts & Creative Writing Ideas

Creative Writing Ideas and Prompts For Kids and All Writers –— Oh yeah! Creative writing prompts can encourage you to step away from your comfort zone and help engage your interest in exploring new genres, themes, perspectives, creative angles, and more. And now…in this blog post, you’ll find a HUGE list of creative writing ideas to inspire you. Hooray! Now get to it, take a look now, and enjoy.

1K+ Creative Writing Ideas

Yeppers, whether you are a student or simply someone who wants to practice creative writing with the help of prompt ideas, there is something in this new collection of creative writing prompts for everyone. In fact, below…

You’ll see a brand new list of 28 brand-new creative writing ideas.

Plus—> There are more than 1,000 Creative Writing Ideas listed below for you.

Why I Love Sharing Creative Writing Prompts with You

There are so many reasons I love sharing writing topics and writing prompts. But, I’ll keep this short. You see…

One of the top reasons I love to share so many good writing prompts with my readers is to provide an exciting, new and inspirational starting point for writers of all skill levels and interests. That’s why…

There are 16,000+ writing ideas and prompts for you here on my blog. Yesssss!

Further, I believe that an effective prompt introduces — and sometimes limits — a topic thereby requiring the writer to navigate it creatively.

Most of all…

I love sharing creative writing prompts with you because they help you grow and improve your writing skills, and that is a great thing indeed.

Ok, now to that list of new creative writing ideas.

List of 28 Brand New Creative Writing Ideas and Prompts

Here are some brand-new creative writing ideas and prompts.

  1. Write a story about your best friend.
  2. Use your favorite place as the main setting for your story.
  3. Pen a story about a fantasy world with magic.
  4. Write about your younger self meeting your favorite superhero.
  5. Start a story by using your favorite lyrics from your favorite song.
  6. Write a Lovecraftian horror story interspersed with Sci-Fi.
  7. Begin a story by writing the conclusion first.
  8. Write a comedy story about high school.
  9. Create a pirate story with a unique twist.
  10. Create a haunting story about ghosts with an unexpected plot twist.
  11. Write a story about your older self meeting your younger self.
  12. Craft a story about dealing with the passing of a close friend.
  13. Write a dystopian story about people living underground due to climate change.
  14. Start a story with someone saying, “We’re running out of time”.
    1K+ Creative Writing Ideas
  15. Write a story about someone who has been oppressed and is learning to stand up for themselves.
  16. Create a story about the main character whose life changes drastically in an instant.
  17. Write about a character living in someone’s shadow.
  18. Write a hilarious story about a group of teenage misfits.
  19. Start a story by having multiple characters repeating the same dialogue in conversation.  
  20. Create a story about somebody breaking a cycle.
  21. Write about an unusual person who has an odd talent.
  22. Write a poem about the most magical thing you have ever experienced.
  23. Write a story about one of the topics in this list but give it a creative plot twist.
  24. What would you change about the world?
  25. What is your biggest regret?
  26. Write about a time you were jealous.
  27. Imagine you are an animal.
  28. Write about an imaginary friend.

I hope you enjoyed this new list of creative writing ideas. Now, let’s explore more creative writing prompt resources. There are many different genres to choose from to get your creative juices pumping or overcome writer’s block.

Themes, Topics, and Categories of Creative Writing Ideas

Yes! I have loads of creative writing ideas for you. Here are just some of the writing topics you’ll find here on my blog:

Whew. That’s a fabulous list, but I have even more creative writing prompts, topics, ideas, and lists for you. So be sure to…

Check Out and See All 1000+ Creative Writing Ideas!

Ignite Your Writing Inspiration with Creative Ideas

It’s a fact that a great way to improve your skill is… well… to write.

Yeppers, writing is an art, and, like any art form, it requires dedication, persistence, and practice.

Best of all, writing practice, practice practice is fun, fun, FUN when you use great prompts to inspire your creative side. And, wonderfully, exploring new writing adventures helps build easily transferable writing skills.


Creative writing prompts and idea lists are an excellent way to inspire writing growth in young writers and help them develop their writing skills for various genres and perspectives.

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If you looking to improve your creative writing skills, you are in luck! You see, my Journal Buddies blog has thousands of free prompts, as well as loads of tips and ideas to help you become a better creative writer.

Now go for it and explore the ideas linked above. Then, check back for new prompts. I know you’ll be glad you did.

Until next time, write on…

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1K+ Creative Writing Ideas

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