.You Can Make Writing More Enjoyable for Kids (closed)

You Can Make Writing More Enjoyable for Kids

Shocking Fact 45% of Educators do not like to teach writing!

But why do so many people struggle when teaching writing? The top two reasons I hear are:

  • Kids hate writing
  • Personal discomfort when teaching it

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The good news there is a way to make writing more enjoyable for you and for your kids.

The better news, I’m going to share it with you today.

But first…

People with strong writing skills tend to do better in this world and they tend to earn more money, too!

Yes, writing is a vital skill that must be taught (and is totally worth learning!). This is why, to support teachers and learners, I created the 3 Breaths pre-writing practice that makes writing more relaxing and enjoyable.

You see…

I don’t believe kids hate writing.


I know they hate the difficult feelings they experience when learning to write (I sure did).

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Teachers, Homeschoolers, and Parents love their students and want to help all their kids succeed in school and in life.


If you experience teaching writing dread, you can reduce it.


Increase your student’s writing enjoyment.

Let me tell you why my eBook is a game-changer

Gone are the days of merely hoping your child will miraculously love to write. In its place, you can confidently use the quick, fun and effective writing tools from my newest eBook.

But, don’t just take my word for it.  Over 5,401 people already bought my journals and inspired their kids to write:

Wow, I’m impressed! It’s easy to read and understand. A+! ~Kathy

The exercises are engaging and very helpful. The character development exercise was pretty surprising, and I love how supportive and friendly the language and flow are for the ‘instructor.’ It’s like having a friend to guide you step-by-step. ~ Holly

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After you complete this book you will love the writing skill level improvements you’ll see in your kids. ~Marie

I love your ebook! You have kept it so positive and upbeat. Truly encouraging the teacher and guiding them to encourage writing. ~ Ann

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