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50 Delicious Ice Cream Writing Prompt Ideas

Ice Cream Writing 50 Ice Cream-Themed Prompts Inspired by National Ice Cream MonthWhile eating ice cream might be the best way to celebrate National Ice Cream Month in July, journaling about ice cream is undoubtedly a close second!

National Ice Cream Month Journal Writing Promtps for Students

With 50 new journal prompts in honor of this important holiday, students can savor the sweetness of writing about their favorite cold treats. They’ll consider lands made of ice cream and think about the ice cream flavors that could represent their friends and family. Students will also have the chance to make up new ice cream flavors and think about how ice cream brings people together.

When your students start journaling about ice cream, they’ll get to flex their imaginations without even having to consume any calories. Writing about such a fun topic is a great way to get kids in the zone of creativity, as it takes away the pressures that often accompany essay-writing and reports. Instead, journaling gives students a free space to say anything they want and to practice writing for the sheer joy of it.

Get students ready for National Ice Cream Month this July with these creative questions. Their answers are likely to come in even more flavors than the local ice cream shop carries!

From Licks to Lines: 50 Ice Cream Writing Prompts for Whipping Up Tasty Texts

These ice cream writing prompts are Inspired by National Ice Cream Month, in July. So get to it and enrich your writing with these fun and tasty Ice Cream Writing prompts and ideas.

  1. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
  2. If you could invent a new flavor of ice cream, what would it be?
  3. Who do you like to eat ice cream with?
  4. If you were a flavor of ice cream, what flavor would you be?
  5. Does your family eat ice cream regularly, or just for a special treat?
  6. What is your favorite treat from the ice cream truck?
  7. Why do people love ice cream so much?
  8. Write a story about a land made entirely of ice cream.
  9. If you had $100 to spend on ice cream, what would you do with it?
  10. What will you eat on National Ice Cream Day?
  11. Does frozen yogurt taste different than ice cream?
  12. If you could make a super sundae, what would it have?
  13. Can ice cream make a bad day better?
  14. Have you ever had homemade ice cream?
  15. When is your favorite time to eat ice cream?
  16. What is the best kind of ice cream you ever had?
  17. Do you prefer your ice cream in a cone or in a bowl?
  18. Is there such a thing as a bad flavor of ice cream?
  19. Do you remember the first time you had ice cream? What was it like?
  20. What is your favorite place to get ice cream?
  21. Write a story from the perspective of an ice cream truck driver.
  22. Ice cream always reminds me of…
  23. They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. What does an ice cream a day do?
  24. Write a story about the unlikely friendship between ice cream and a food that doesn’t go with it.
  25. Do you ever eat ice cream during the winter?
    Writing Ideas for National Ice Cream Month
  26. What makes good ice cream?
  27. Write a poem expressing your deep love for ice cream.
  28. Can there be such a thing as too much ice cream?
  29. How often do you eat ice cream?
  30. What is your favorite memory that includes ice cream?
  31. Choose flavors of ice cream to represent your family and friends. Explain why you chose each.
  32. What other desserts should we have holidays to celebrate?
  33. If you could design a make your own sundae bar, what ingredients would you include?
  34. Have you always had the same favorite flavor of ice cream, or does it change?
  35. Do you buy ice cream at the grocery store or from ice cream shops?
  36. What is the best way to get rid of brain freeze?
  37. What is your favorite frozen treat?
  38. How many scoops can you eat?
  39. What is the best time of day to eat ice cream?
  40. Do you ever get ice cream from the ice cream truck? Is it different than other ice creams?
  41. Is ice cream better when it’s fresh or slightly melted?
  42. What is the craziest flavor of ice cream you’ve ever seen?
  43. What would life be like if it snowed ice cream?
  44. Write a story about the life of an ice cream cone.
  45. Which ice cream is better – chocolate flavors, or fruit-flavored types?
  46. When I eat ice cream, I feel…
  47. If you could eat ice cream with anyone in the world, who would it be?
  48. If an ice cream flavor was named after you, what would you call it?
  49. If you had to guess, how much ice cream do you think is eaten around the world each day?
  50. Can you imagine a world with no ice cream? What summer treat would people eat instead?

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