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Free Monthly Journal Prompts 2022

Monthly Journal Prompts Printable Calendars, Lists, & Collections of Prompts— Oh yeah. We will be publishing a monthly printable calendar of prompts for you and we now have July, June and May 2022 available for download.

Free Printable Monthly Journal Prompt Calendars

You see…

Each calendar has writing ideas from different categories and is useful for writers of all ages— from Elementary students to middle schoolers and beyond.

Plus, the calendars below have a writing prompt for the days of the week and links to prompts for specific dates (such as Mother’s Day in May). Enjoy!

Benefits of Using Monthly Journal Prompts Calendars

A monthly journal prompt calendar is a great way to keep a consistent routine and get into writing mode. It also helps to create a habit of writing daily, which can be difficult for some people.

We have pre-made monthly prompts calendars already set up for you and they are perfect for anyone who wants to start journaling or those who are looking for more structure in their life.

The benefits of journaling are well documented. It has been shown to help people process their emotions, improve their mental health, and even increase productivity. Still… We all know it can be a challenge to write every day. Some days it’s hard to find the time or energy to keep up with a journaling routine. That’s where monthly prompt calendars come in handy!

The prompts are designed to guide you through an exploration of topics related to a specific month. You can choose from a wide range of topics, from fun to ice cream and more. Our daily prompts calendars will also keep the writer from running out of ideas because they have to come up with something new every day.

Monthly Free Journal Writing Prompt Printables


Our monthly journal prompts present ideas to you that are easy to complete and they can be used in any way you want – whether it’s just for fun or as a serious tool for self-growth.

Furthermore, our monthly prompts calendars can also be fun for writers who want to challenge themselves and see how many days in a row they can come up with something new.

Finally, some people just find it easier to write when they have some guidance from prompts. I mean, we all have our own unique style of writing and what works for one person may not work for another. But monthly journal prompts can be a good starting point for anyone who needs some guidance on getting started with their creative process. Now… let’s get to those monthly journal prompts calendars.

Monthly Journal Prompts Calendars

August Monthly Journal Prompts Calendar

August Calendar of Prompts

Yay! Daily Prompts for August are here.

—> August Printable Monthly Prompt Calendar

Bonus! Tap on each day’s prompt to see the full list of ideas for that prompt.

July Monthly Journal Prompts Calendar

July Monthly Prompts Calendar

Yay! Daily Prompts for July are here.

—> July Printable Monthly Prompt Calendar

Bonus! Tap on each day’s prompt to see the full list of ideas for that prompt.

June Monthly Journal Prompts Calendar

June Monthly Prompts Calendar

—> June Printable Monthly Prompts Calendar

Bonus! Click on each day’s prompt in the calendar to see a list full of prompts.

May Daily Journaling Prompts Calendar

Monthly Journal Prompts for May

—> May Printable Monthly Prompts Calendar

Bonus! Click on each day’s prompt in the calendar to see a list full of prompts.

Monthly Journal Prompt Calendars are a great way to stay on track with your writing. It will help you to stay motivated and keep the creative juices flowing.

Monthly Journal Prompts and Writing Ideas Lists

Until we publish all the monthly calendars, here is a listing of prompt resources from our blog.

Bonus List of 10 MORE Prompts

Just in case you need even more prompt ideas to write about in your monthly reflection journal entries, here is a list of some quick and easy ideas. Enjoy!

  1. What is your favorite memory from when you were a little kid?
  2. Do you have a bucket list and, if so, what’s on it and why? If not, why do you not have one?
  3. Write a letter or a poem to your future self.
  4. Does poetry inspire you?
  5. How do you deal with worries? 
  6. What 5-year goal would you love to accomplish the most? 
  7. Do you like and use affirmations? Why or why not.
  8. How do you prefer to write… in a journal, notebook, on your computer, phone, in an app… and why?
  9. What do you hope to accomplish, be, do and/or have next month? 
  10. If you can magically change anything you see coming your way in the upcoming year, what would it be and why?

Links & Resources

A Few Closing Thoughts

Whether you have been an avid journal writer for years or you are trying to implement a new habit into your daily routine, there is something here for everyone.

Journal writing prompts can help a journaler to think more critically about a particular topic or question. Journalers have to consider the prompt and reach deep into their minds in order to come up with the content for their entry.

Taking time out from one’s day to reflect on a specific topic can help clear the mind, while the process of writing the actual journal entry is also an opportunity for the journaler to improve their writing skills if they desire to do so. Whether you have written one journal entry or 100 journal entries, the practice of daily writing can have a positive impact on your life.

You are invited to explore and play with the journal writing prompt calendars and lists outlined above. They are some of our favorite journaling ideas for writers of all ages. Now is the perfect time to explore and use these journal writing prompt lists for writers of all ages and stages of life!

Until next time, write on…

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Monthly Journal Prompt Printable Calendars
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