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Nutrition Topics to Write About

Nutrition Topics to Write About to Help Celebrate Good Nutrition MonthThese 53 journal prompts have a dual purpose—they offer productive beginnings for journal entries, but they also celebrate Good Nutrition Month (March). With these food and nutrition-focused prompts, students will consider the importance of eating healthily. They will also think about specific ways to improve their diets. Questions about vegetarianism challenge students to think about alternative ways of eating, while prompts about family eating habits allow them to consider making dietary changes.

Journal Writing Ideas about Good Nutrition

Just as students need balanced diets to keep their bodies healthy, they also need to study a full range of subjects in order to improve their minds.

Journaling is a beneficial practice for both young and old students, as it provides them with a healthy outlet for thoughts and emotions that might otherwise go unexpressed. A student’s journal is a safe place for him or her to explore ideas and articulate thoughts without judgment.

During  Good Nutrition Month — or any time of the year — encourage your students to explore what it means to eat healthy, nutritious foods.

Nutrition Topics to Write About

Help students learn about healthy eating through a balanced diet of daily journal prompts!

  1. Why do we need to have balanced diets?
  2. How will eating healthily now affect your body in the future?
  3. What do you think of when you think about healthy foods?
  4. How will you celebrate Good Nutrition Month?
  5. Is there anything about nutrition that you would like to learn more about?
  6. How could you eat more healthily?
  7. Why do our bodies need nutrition?
  8. How can people with little access to food be properly nourished?
  9. Do you ever cook with your family?
  10. Describe a day of your normal meals.
  11. How do you feel after eating a healthy meal?
  12. If you could make your own balanced diet, what would it include?
  13. What is your favorite healthy food?
  14. If you were a fruit, which one would you be?
  15. How much water do you drink each day?
  16. How do you feel when you think of animals as food?
  17. Do you prefer fruit or vegetables? Why?
  18. Could you ever be a vegetarian?
  19. How does a person’s diet affect his or her overall health?
  20. What is your favorite food group?
    Writing Ideas for Kids about Good Nutrition
  21. Are diet and exercise both important? Is one more important than the other?
  22. Does your family have any special dietary rules?
  23. What are some of your favorite healthy snacks?
  24. Do you have a balanced diet?
  25. Write a poem about the food groups.
  26. What tips for healthy eating would you give to someone interested in changing his or her diet?
  27. When is it okay to have treats?
  28. How often do you eat during the day?
  29. Record everything you eat for a week. What do you notice about your eating habits?
  30. Are there any foods you eat just because they are healthy?
  31. How does nutrition influence wellness?
  32. Do you eat until you’re full or until your plate is clear?
  33. Should anything in your normal diet change?
  34. What do you do when you encounter foods you don’t like?
  35. Do you get to choose what you eat, or do your parents determine your meals?
  36. What do you think of the food pyramid?
  37. How can you encourage your family to honor Good Nutrition Month?
  38. If you had to eat fruit or vegetables every day for the rest of your life, which would you choose?
  39. How can you inject more color into your diet?
  40. Write a poem about the importance of eating healthily.
  41. Why doesn’t junk food grow on trees?
  42. Would you rather be a vegetarian or a vegan?
  43. What is your favorite meal?
  44. How often do you eat meat?
  45. How do you feel when you eat too many sweets?
  46. How do Americans eat differently than people in other countries?
  47. Why is hydration important?
  48. Does your family eat meals together?
  49. Why are processed foods unhealthy?
  50. Do you know of any alternate ways to get nutrients?
  51. Why do you want to eat healthily?
  52. What are five ways you could improve your overall diet?
  53. What have you learned from Good Nutrition Month?

Good Nutrition Tip:  Adopting a healthier lifestyle should be built around what we eat, we all know that. Check out these essential healthy foods that we need to have in our fridge freezers to ensure that we’re getting all of the goodness that we need.

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Journal Ideas about Good Nutrition for Students

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