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Health Journaling Ideas & Prompts

What are some health journaling ideas? We answer this question with the 60 health journal prompts listed below. There are three lists of writing ideas, including one each on mental health, feelings, and thoughts. These health journal prompts can be used in traditional journal keeping (think notebook or leather journal), in a bullet journal, or in any other way that works for you to best support a child’s — or your — personal health and wellness journey. So take a look and enjoy!

Health Journal Writing Topics for Kids

Writing thoughts down on paper can be very therapeutic and students need to learn to examine and deal with their thoughts to encourage optimal mental health as they become adults. In fact, journaling is proven to improve mental help and reduce stress, offering a healthy coping mechanism.

However, whether kids are trying to write about their thoughts or feelings, it’s often difficult for them to know where to begin. How do they start digging into their feelings and thoughts with health journaling?

To make things a bit easier, give students health journal prompts to get them thinking and help them get started. We’ve put together some excellent health journal prompts that students can use to become more skilled at expressing their thoughts and feelings while improving their writing skills.

19 Health Journaling Ideas for Mental Health

  1. What are your biggest fears, and what is the worst thing that could happen if those fears come true?
  2. What are the things that make you feel relaxed and at peace?
  3. When I feel overwhelmed, what feels most important to me is…
  4. The most important thing in my life is…
  5. What are things in life that are making you feel frustrated?
  6. What things inspire you?
  7. Write about a secret wish that you have for your life.
  8. What are five things that you are grateful for right now?
  9. What things can you remember when you are going through tough times?
  10. Write about something you can do to step out of your comfort zone this week.

    Health Journal Ideas for Kids
  11. What are five good reasons you should not give up?
  12. Discuss several things you have accomplished this month. How do these accomplishments make you feel?
  13. What can you do regularly to have a more positive attitude?
  14. What activities, practices, or places make you feel alive?
  15. Write about a time where you showed bravery and strength.
  16. Discuss something you stopped doing that was really good for you. Should you start doing it again?
  17. What things are challenging you in your life right now?
  18. What are some areas where you could show more patience with yourself?
  19. Recognize and then write about some areas where you could use some help.

21 Feelings Journal Prompts

  1. What are some of the feelings I’ve been experiencing often lately?
  2. What things are making me feel stressed right now?
  3. What kinds of feelings do I want to experience more of in my life?
  4. Which people or what projects and activities bring me feelings of meaning, connection, and joy?
  5. Write about a time when you felt proud of yourself. What did you do and how did it make you feel?
  6. How are you feeling at the moment? Write about those feelings in detail.
  7. What makes you feel angry? Why do those things make you feel angry?
  8. How can you better deal with feelings of anger?
  9. Who do you love? What makes you love them so much?
  10. What things in life do you feel most passionate about?
  11. Write about a recent conflict or argument you had and how it made you feel.
  12. Is there something that makes you feel guilty? Why? What can you do to forgive yourself?
  13. Write an honest letter to a person who hurt your feelings. Tell them how you feel.
  14. What things in life make you feel at peace?
  15. Write about things that make you cry or make you feel like crying.
  16. What are some positive ways you can deal with feeling sad?
  17. Write about something you did that made you feel afraid. Once you did it, how did you feel?
  18. How do you feel when someone recognizes your achievements?
  19. Write about the greatest feeling you’ve ever experienced.
  20. What things in life make you feel happiest?
  21. Do you think happiness is a feeling or a choice?

20 Thought Journal Prompts

  1. What thoughts are limiting you in life?
  2. If you have negative thoughts, what can you do to get rid of them?
  3. How do your thoughts impact your relationships with other people?
  4. Think about the people you spend the most time with. How are they affecting your life?
  5. Write your thoughts on the people you admire most.
  6. Think about your favorite music. What are your favorite songs? How do they make you feel?
  7. Write down the first things you think of when you think of happiness.
  8. If you were able to change something about yourself, what would it be? Why?
  9. Do you think you can change the way you think to be more successful?
  10. What was a childhood dream you always thought about when you were young? Do you still have that dream?
  11. How do the movies or shows you watch affect your thoughts?
  12. Do you think that playing video games affects your thoughts?
  13. How do your friends affect the way that you think? Do they have a positive or negative influence on your thoughts?
  14. Write about your thoughts on success. What does success mean to you?
  15. Do fearful thoughts keep you from doing things in your life?
  16. What do you think about yourself? Do you have positive or negative thoughts about yourself?
  17. What do you think are your best strengths?
  18. What do you think are your greatest weaknesses? Can you do anything about them?
  19. How can you turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts?
  20. Do you think positive thinking makes a difference?

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Keeping a Kids Health Journal

The following content on Keeping a Health Journal was first published on this blog in 2011.

Journal Ideas – Health Journal

A health journal is a fabulous place to keep track of all aspects of one’s health, from issues to habits, improvements to challenges. Of course, a health journal may be used by kids and adults alike.

If you are a health-conscious person looking to create a healthier lifestyle, maintaining a health journal will help keep your thoughts, conditions, and anything else related to your overall well-being organized.Journal Ideas - Keeping a Health Journal

Journal Ideas for Kids Health Journals

Keeping a health journal is just one of many wonderful journaling ideas a child can start using in the New Year. Say for example that a child needs to reference information from her doctor, she can keep it or write it in her health journal and even keep records of past and future visits with her primary doctor or other physicians or health care practitioners she happens to visit.

When writing in a health journal, kids should keep track of any illnesses or injuries that have occurred, any hospitalizations, surgeries or even any trips to the school nurse they’ve had recently. This is especially pertinent to athletes or those children who are dealing with a personal medical condition.

Another idea is to track in a health journal any kind of food or medicine that a child is allergic to; medications, vitamins or supplements that they are currently taking; and their family health history. This will encourage the child to begin taking an active part in understanding and tracking their health — a habit that will serve her well throughout her lifetime!

If the child is a student-athlete trying to keep in top condition for the team, a health journal can help her keep track of her daily routines, practices, times, and any other things that relate to athletic life. If she is on the track, swim, or dance team, a health journal can help her keep track of routines, diet, and any exercises she needs to do in order to strengthen her body. Once a child becomes successful and confident in her health journal keeping, she can try to encourage her teammates, coach, and others to do the same. She could challenge everyone to keep a health journal and help each other to stay on track. (Hint: Students, if you have any problems with this, ask your parents, coach, health teacher, or doctor to help you organize and launch your idea into action.)

Health Journal Benefits and Outcomes

As a child looks back on her past history in athletics, diets or sports, she will be able to see how her body has changed and what kind of health conditions were affected by which actions. The child will also see how much healthier they have become and how keeping a health journal can offer valuable insights into one’s overall health and health-centered actions and activities.

If your child wants to start a health journal, the best time to do so is now (or as soon as possible). Children are encouraged to talk to their parents and other relatives about their illnesses and sicknesses and if they have any records that they have kept in the past related to their health so that they can keep an accurate, complete health record.

The child may also want to find out information about their own illnesses from past records, or keep track of health challenges such as weight management. Children should also speak to their parents about anything related to their health and ask for their help and guidance. Once a child has accomplished this, she will feel safe in knowing that her health is recorded and kept for future references and for continued and improved health and well-being.

The benefits of keeping a journal are vast, and keeping a health journal is no exception. The journal ideas one may use are truly endless, and the key is to choose a topic that engages your interest.  This way you help ensure that you’ll continue on in your journal writing efforts.

Until next time, happy journaling…

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  1. This is an excellent idea, and one that research bears out! Studies have shown that people- kids and adults alike- who keep health journals actually do develop better physical health. The act of writing allows one to pay closer attention to what is needed for better health and to act upon that knowledge.

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