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31 March Writing Prompts

March Writing Prompts— For kids who are just beginning to write stories, creating compelling characters can sometimes be the hardest part of the job.  New writers are often tempted to give generic character descriptions or to model their characters entirely from people they know in real life.  While it’s important for writing to reflect reality, each character should also have his or her own identity.

Shorty Story Prompts for March

These new writing prompts are designed for students who are interested in writing their own short stories.  In this month-long exercise, students will work extensively on developing their characters before they even begin to write any stories.  The best authors know their characters extremely well—and the best characters have strong identities, traits, and personalities that are cohesive and fully formed.

In these 31 March short story writing prompts, students will get to know their characters a little better. They’ll answer easy questions about the character’s life and interests as well as tougher questions about the character’s beliefs, preferences, and friends.

While kids might not ultimately use some of these details in their stories, this valuable exercise is still a great way for kids to get to know their characters.  Whether or not a student needs to know what his or her character’s favorite movie is, this deep level of knowledge will inform the rest of the student’s writing.  After students get to know their characters in March, look for April’s prompts that focus on putting those characters into new and unexpected situations.

 March Writing Prompts

These March writing prompts are all about short story ideas for young writers. Read on and check them out. We are sure you’ll love them!

  1. What does your character do all day?  Does he or she have a job or go to school?  What type of job does your character have—or what school subject does he or she enjoy most?
  2. What is your character’s favorite holiday?  Why?
  3. What is your character’s favorite type of music?  Why?
  4. How does your character sound when he or she laughs?
  5. Who is your character’s best friend?  How did they meet?  What do they do together?
  6. What is a typical outfit for your character?  Are clothes important to him or her?  Why or why not?
  7. Is your character an only child or does he or she have siblings?  How does your character feel about this?
  8. Does your character have a pet?  Why or why not?  If so, what type of pet?
  9. What would your character do if he or she had an extra $100 per week?
  10. What is your character’s favorite color?  Does he or she own many things in this color?
  11. What is your character’s greatest fear?  How does this impact his or her life?
  12. Does your character play any sports?  Why or why not?  Is he or she talented or clumsy?  What types of sports does he or she enjoy?
  13. What are some common phrases that your character says often?  What do they mean?
  14. What is your character’s favorite food?  Why?  Does he or she enjoy it often?
  15. What are your character’s parents like?
    Short Story Ideas for Students for the Month of March
  16. Does your character want to have kids someday or does he or she have kids already?  Why or why not?  If your character has kids, what are they like?
  17. Does your character prefer to spend time indoors or outdoors?  Why or why not?
  18. Write about three different things that your character is thankful for.
  19. Write about three different things that can always make your character laugh.
  20. What does your character’s bedroom look like?
  21. What is your character’s greatest dream?
  22. What is your character’s favorite game?  Is it a board game or a video game or a sport?  Is he or she good at it?  How long has your character played the game?
  23. Where did your character grow up?  What is the city like?
  24. Where does your character want to live someday?  Does he or she want to stay in the same city or move far away?
  25. Write about three things that your character believes.
  26. What is your character’s favorite movie?
  27. What does your character like to do for fun?  Does he or she have much free time?
  28. If your character’s best friend described him or her, what would the friend say?  Write about at least three separate qualities and explain the reasoning behind each.
  29. When your character is sad, what does he or she do?  Why?
  30. Is your character an early bird or night owl?  Does this affect his or her life at all?
  31. What is your character’s favorite store?  Does he or she like to shop?  Why or why not?

More Writing Ideas for March

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Character Development Writing Prompts for Student for the Month of March
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