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12 Sweet Self Love Journal Prompts

Discover some wonderful self love journal prompts— Self love is a journey. It can take time to learn to love every part of who you are. And our resources can help you do just that. Best of all, below you’ll soon discover some sweet self love journal prompts to help you on your journey toward (greater) self love. Take a look now and enjoy!

Journal Prompt Ideas for Self-Love

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The journey of self love can be especially challenging if you have a habit of negative self-talk, brushing off compliments, or belittling how great you are. To help, consider implementing daily affirmations and self love journal prompts into your self-care routine as you embark on your self love journey.

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Daily affirmations are designed to be read out loud throughout the day. By saying them, you are willing them into existence. If you say them enough, you may start to believe them and shift your mindset towards one of self love.


Pairing these affirmations with self love journal prompts can help you explore what it is that’s getting in the way of loving yourself. There are many aspects of self love, from learning body positivity and embracing your flaws to focusing on self-acceptance and self-esteem.

And now…

Exploring each topic through journaling can help you release the negative thoughts and refocus on positive ones. Once you’ve chosen daily affirmations, you can get started journaling.

Let’s get to it.

12 Self Love Journal Prompts

Take a look at this fabulous list of journal prompts for self love.

Personal Growth

  • List 5 opportunities you’ve been given. Then list 5 opportunities you hope to get in the upcoming weeks.
  • Name one thing you learned today. How will this help you view the world differently tomorrow?

Body Positivity

  • What are the 3 most memorable experiences you’ve had in your body?
  • Identify others who you have let define your worth. How can you change your thinking to stop this negative habit?


  • Describe an instance where you’ve overcome a challenge.
  • List 3 times you’ve asked for help. What did you learn from these experiences?
Journal Prompts for Loving Yourself

Self Esteem

  • What is an action you judged yourself for this past week? How did this influence how you moved forward?
  • Describe an instance where you let go of something that wasn’t serving you. How did it make you feel?


  • List ten things you love about yourself. How will these help you show love towards others?
  • Take a love language quiz. Write down your love language and examples of how you show and accept love.


  • List 3 negative thoughts throughout the day. Write down alternate versions that are more positive.
  • Set a timer for 10 minutes. During this time, write down everything you’re grateful for today.

I hope you found inspiration and love with these self love journal prompts.

More Self Love Journaling Resources

Free Self Love Affirmation Printables

Journal Prompts on Self-Love

Coming up with affirmations and journal prompts can be difficult so Redbubble created 68 printable affirmations and a free printable positive affirmations journal to help you get started.

It may be out of your comfort zone but just go for it and read through their affirmations to find one that resonates the most with you. Then find a journal prompt that will help you explore the topic. There are endless ways to use these topics to guide your journey of self love. 

Sometimes our biggest obstacle are our own negative beliefs. Keeping a self love journal can be one piece of the actionable steps you can take towards breaking free from your self-imposed limitations. Below are a few bonus ideas to try out in your journal!

  • Biggest Dreams
  • Favorite Hobbies
  • Dream Life
  • What you admire about your best friend
  • The best compliment you’ve ever received (or given)

Be sure to check out this excellent resource: 5 Journaling Ideas for self-reflection and discovery

Hopefully, you found these self love journal prompts and resources helpful, and we wish you all the best on your journey of self love. It’s well worth it!

Self-Love Writing Ideas

Below is an article that was first published on our blog in July of 2011. There’s some good information here and it relates to self love but for a different perspective… this time through the lens of self-confidence. Take a read and enjoy!

Self Confidence is a form of Self Love

Why self confidence is an Important Trait to Possess

Self confidence is one of the most important traits a person can have as it reflects a belief in one’s abilities, talents, gifts, and strengths. When one has this trait she holds herself in high regard and, more often than not, self-confidence is something that is found in successful, happy individuals who love themselves very much.

Having low self-confidence can become a hindrance to one’s happiness and negative behavior towards self can be something that will cause problems for a person in the future. (Usually, people that have a problem interacting positively with others are the ones that are not able to excel in school or thrive in their careers.)

Self Confidence Benefits

People with self confidence trust themselves and their abilities. They can expand their repertoire of skills and knowledge because they trust that they can accomplish the tasks that they are given. They are focused and determined to succeed, are usually people that can learn from past mistakes and are able to use these experiences to their advantage.

People with self-confidence and -love know that making a mistake is part of growing, and failing does not really make them a failure as a person. They are capable of analyzing the cause of a failure and are able to avoid these traps and pitfalls in the future.

Self-confidence is a good trait to have simply because people who have this trait know that they can survive any problem that they are facing at the moment.

For people with low self-esteem, fear usually takes over them and it stops them from growing and accomplishing the tasks that they need to do in order to become successful. Guilt is also a common trait for people who have low self esteem. One of the biggest problems with guilt is that it inhibits a person’s ability to move on from failures and mistakes that they have committed. Finally, self-loathing can develop if one isn’t careful to improve their sense of self-confidence, love, and approval.

People who wish to boost their confidence levels often look for ways to get help. Some choose to see therapists for advice and or to attend counseling sessions to improve their confidence over time.

In fact, there are actually plenty of counseling theories that are being used by therapists and one of the most common ones is the cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT).   With CBT, you aim to notice your negative thoughts so that you can replace them with more helpful ones. The bottom line with CBT is that self-talk matters.

For those whose lack of self-confidence is mild or temporary, journal keeping is a fabulous tool to improve self-esteem, -confidence, and -love easily and effectively.  It’s easy, simple, and accessible to people of any age, any income level, or any writing skill level.

Until next time, be kind and write on…

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