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52 Writing Prompts about Election Day

What are Some Good Election Day Writing Ideas — In these 52 new writing prompts about Election Day, students explore the importance of voting and a balanced political system in our country. Regardless of political affiliation, students are encouraged to consider alternate viewpoints and to look at the issues from all sides. They’ll think about new methods of voting and ways to create unity in the United States.

Kids Election Day Writing Ideas

A student doesn’t have to be a great writer to benefit from journaling. The act of daily writing inspires students to be more in touch with their thoughts and feelings, opening them up to new ideas.

While some school subjects might be bound by facts, laws, and rules, journaling is a limitless activity that teaches kids that there’s nothing wrong with thinking big. Best of all, as students explore their dreams and goals on the page, their writing skills will naturally begin to improve.

Through journaling, students can develop their own perspectives on the issues that will be important to them in the future. Celebrate the values of free speech and equality this Election Day with these special journal prompts!

Writing Prompts: 52 Writing Ideas about Election Day

  1. Why do we hold elections?
  2. What are checks and balances, and why are they important to our legal system?
  3. Should the United States have more than two political parties?
  4. Would you ever run for office?
  5. What issues are most important to you?
  6. If you could vote, who would you vote for this Election Day?
  7. Why is it important for people to vote?
  8. Do you identify with a particular political party?
  9. Should people have to take tests before being allowed to vote?
  10. When do you think we will have a female president?
  11. Do your parents vote regularly?
  12. How much control should the government have?
  13. Who should be elected to the presidency in the next election?
  14. Do you like our system of government?
  15. Create an idea for an online voting system that all Americans could access.
  16. Why do people complain about politicians?
  17. Do political ads influence your opinions?
  18. What would America be like without the voting system?
  19. What do our elected officials need to hear from the people?
  20. Who is your favorite politician? Why?
  21. How often should we hold elections?
  22. Do you feel patriotic on Election Test?
  23. How do you feel about living in America?
  24. What is an elected official’s job duty?
  25. Is it important for people with different ideas to have power simultaneously?
    Writing Prompts for Election Day
  26. Do you think the minimum age requirements to hold office are fair?
  27. What benefits do people get from government?
  28. Why does our country use a voting system?
  29. What do you think of our government?
  30. Are some elections more important than others?
  31. Should politicians vote based on their own opinions or those of the people they represent?
  32. How do you feel about today’s leaders?
  33. Write a story about winning the presidential election.
  34. Why is Election Day so important?
  35. What are three laws that you would promote if you were the president?
  36. What should the minimum age requirement be for people to vote?
  37. Will you vote some day?
  38. What direction is America moving in?
  39. What is the hardest thing about a politician’s job?
  40. Why do politicians advertise so much?
  41. What does Election Day represent?
  42. What would you like to ask the President?
  43. What does the word β€œpolitics” mean to you?
  44. Do you believe that holding elections and voting is an effective system for the US?
  45. Why do people work on political campaigns?
  46. Are there better ways for people to place their votes?
  47. How do you feel about the state of our country?
  48. How can we promote unity in America?
  49. If you were in government, what issues would you work on?
  50. Do you share your parents’ political views?
  51. Is voting a right or privilege?
  52. Write a letter to a congressman about an important issue.

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Journal Ideas about Election Day
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