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31 Fun Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

31 Compare and Contrast Essay Topics & Prompts about Similarities and Differences— In this list of essay topics and prompts, high school students (and other grades, too) will get creative as they think about the similarities and differences between specific topics, like their family members, childhood experiences, lifestyle, and preferences. Read on to discover more…

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics. See these Creative Essay Topics about Comparison and Differences

Essay Contrast Topics and Prompt Ideas

When it comes to essay writing, comparing similarities and differences makes for some very fun writing topics.


It’s good for students to compare the places they have been, the places they’re going, and all of the ways they are different now than when they started.


Our compare and contrast essay topics and writing prompts also make for interesting conversation starters that can bring out positive things you otherwise wouldn’t know about your students.

Easy Compare Topics Still Get Writers Digging Deep

Our list of fun topics below encourages students to compare and contrast two things that are seemingly different—and then, to consider the benefits of each one. Though some instances may seem completely separate at first, students may find that there is more commonality between them than they first imagined.

For instance, a teenager might not think that his best friend and favorite movie characters have much in common—but while working through this list of writing prompts, they’ll find that both individuals have a winning sense of humor.

Next, students will think about the benefits of each item or experience. By looking for the good in things like Mondays, braces, and even the experience of waiting, students will practice positivity.

When students write using the following compare and contrast essay topics, research paper ideas, and writing prompts, their creative juices will start flowing, and they will practice examination and positivity. 

Now, get to it and…

Help your class explore commonalities and contrasting qualities today with the compare and contrast essay topics below. Enjoy!

31 Fun Compare and Contrast Essay Topic and Prompt Ideas about Similarities and Differences

Explore the similarities and differences between the following items. Which is the best compare and contrast idea for your assignment?

  1. Mondays and Fridays.
  2. You and your best friend.
  3. Going swimming and falling in the pool.
  4. Being too cold and being too warm.
  5. Singing in the choir and singing in the shower.
  6. Books and computers.
  7. Your mom and your dad.
  8. Movie stars and athletes.
  9. Brushing your teeth and washing your hands.
  10. Recess and lunch.
  11. Eyeglasses and braces.
  12. Buying something with money you saved or money you received as a gift.
  13. Waking up early and going to bed early.
  14. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and hamburgers.
  15. Falling asleep in your bed and falling asleep at the dinner table.
  16. Your best friend and your favorite movie character.
  17. Batman and Spiderman.
  18. Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon.
    Creative Writing Ideas about Similarities and Differences
  19. Video games and movies.
  20. Ice cream with syrup, sprinkles, and candy and plain ice cream with no toppings.
  21. The mall and an online store.
  22. Cars and bicycles.
  23. Diamonds and gold.
  24. Your parents and your teacher.
  25. Wearing jeans and wearing pajama pants.
  26. The experience of waiting patiently and the experience of waiting impatiently.
  27. Roses and tulips.
  28. Racehorses and racecars.
  29. Your favorite television show and favorite movie.
  30. Giving a gift and receiving a gift.
  31. The last day of school and the first day of school.

I hope you use this list of compare and contrast essay topics in your student’s next essay writing assignment or in your lesson plans. Whatever you do, just ensure your writers have a blast comparing and contrasting the differences and similarities of the fun ideas above.

If, however, the ideas listed above were not enough to inspire a writer, perhaps one of these will do the trick:

Bonus List of Good Compare Essay Writing Topics

  • Soccer vs Football vs Basketball
  • Fact vs Fiction
  • Instagram vs TikTok
  • Romeo vs Juliet
  • Fast Food vs Health Food
  • Apples vs Oranges
  • Harry Potter vs Twilight
  • Politics vs Government
  • Public School vs Private vs e-Learning
  • Adulthood vs Childhood
  • Moon vs Sun
  • Chemistry vs Physics
  • Tennis vs Badminton
  • Steve Jobs vs Stephen King
  • Android vs iPhone
  • Being an only child vs having siblings
  • Big city vs small town living
  • Modern medicine healthcare vs alternative 
  • American English vs British English

A Few More Random Ideas to use as Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • Traditional College Students vs Nontraditional Ones
  • The Milky way compared to other galaxies
  • Pride vs Humility
  • Prejudice vs Bias
  • 5 Funny Compare Ideas:
    • Is life comics or reality?
    • Clowns are terrible or cute?
    • Soap: liquid or hard hand?
    • Owl or Eagle: who is the wiser?
    • Become invisible: Will it be fun or will you create more problems?
  • Lincoln vs Washington
  • Tsunami vs earthquake

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