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Essay on Presidential Election Writing Prompts

The Presidential election is nearing—and for students who are just getting old enough to pay attention to the candidates and issues, the election provides a fantastic opportunity for learning and discussion. 

Election Writing Ideas for Students

Whether your students lean Democrat, Republican, or Independent, it’s incredibly valuable for them to spend time considering their thoughts and opinions on who should be elected and on what issues matter most.

These all new themed writing prompts for sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth grade students ask tweens and teens to share their ideas on topics like media bias, campaign etiquette, and the benefits of living in a democracy.  It can be tough for young students to come to their own opinions when they are faced with so much influence from their peers, parents, and popular culture—but as your students reflect on the candidates they support and the issues facing America today, they will come to clearer positions on their own thoughts and values. 

Use these themed journal prompts on the Presidential election to help your 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th graders learn more about the political process—and to help them better understand why it’s so important to be informed!

Presidential Election Writing Ideas for Tween and Teen Students

  1. Which candidate do you support for President?  Why?
  2. What are some of the benefits of living in a democracy?  Are there any disadvantages?
  3. Do your political views align with your parents’ political views?  Why or why not?
  4. Do you consider yourself a Republican, Democrat, or Independent—or another political party?  Why?
  5. Do you think our current voting system is fair?  Why or why not?
  6. Should people be required to know a minimum amount about the issues before voting?  Why or why not?
  7. Should there be any specific requirements people need to meet before voting?  Why?
  8. Would you ever support a candidate from your non-preferred political party?  Why or why not?
  9. Why is it important for people to vote?
  10. Do you think having elections every four years is fair, or should we have them more or less frequently?  Why?
  11. What is the best way for people to learn about the issues?
  12. What political issue is most important to you?  Why?
  13. What political issue is least important to you?  Why?
  14. Is there such a thing as unbiased reporting?  Why or why not?
  15. Watch a presidential debate.  Then, write about which candidate you think did the best and why.
  16. What is the purpose of holding primary elections?  Are they important?  Why or why not?
    Writing Prompts for Students about Presidential Elections
  17. What do you think is the president’s greatest responsibility?  Why?
  18. Why is it significant that Kamala Harris is the first female vice president?  Should this matter to voters?  Why or why not?
  19. Who was the greatest president in U.S. history?  Why?
  20. Who was the most ineffective president in U.S. history?  Why?
  21. In your opinion, which branch of government holds the most power—executive, legislative, or judicial?  Why?
  22. What do you think is the single greatest issue facing America today?  Why?
  23. Do you think it’s fair for politicians to “fight dirty” in their campaigns?  Why or why not?
  24. How could political campaigns be improved?  List three ideas and explain each one.
  25. Should there be limitations on who can donate to political campaigns and how much they can donate?  Why or why not?
  26. What do you think it would be like to run for office?
  27. If you were elected President, what is the first law you would try to pass?
  28. What do you think the hardest part of being president would be?  Why?
  29. Do you think kids and teenagers are engaged enough in politics today?  Why or why not?
  30. Is it fair for the minimum voting age to be 18?  Should it be higher or lower?  Why?
  31. Why is it important for all Americans to have the right to vote?
  32. What would be the best way to increase voter turnout rates?
  33. Should people have to share who they vote for with others, or should all votes be kept private?  Why?

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Presidential Election Writing Ideas for Teens and Tweens

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