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63 Persuasive Writing Topics

Discover 63 Persuasive Writing Topics—Persuasive writing is a type of writing that focuses on explaining a problem and convincing the reader of the writer’s opinion. It’s not enough to simply offer a point of view, but it’s essential to offer valid, logical evidence that persuades the audience to the writer’s view of truth.

Persuasive Writing Prompts

Persuasive essays are a common type of academic writing. You’ll need to choose your side and then prove why you’re correct with convincing language and the presentation of hard evidence.

Whether you’re teaching your class how to write persuasive essays or you’re a student trying to hone your persuasive writing skills, deciding what topic to focus on is often one of the most difficult tasks.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of persuasive writing topics to help teens and high school students improve their essay-writing skills.

63 Persuasive Writing Topics

  1. Teens should learn etiquette at school.
  2. All teens should have the opportunity to study in a different country.
  3. Parents of a kid who bullies someone else should pay a fine.
  4. School days should start after noon.
  5. Teens should have the opportunity to determine their own curfew and bedtime.
  6. The voting age should be changed from 18 to 16 years of age.
  7. Cheerleaders should be eliminated from professional sports.
  8. Beauty contests can negatively affect body image.
  9. Is chess really a game or a sport?
  10. Drinking energy drinks is dangerous.
  11. Older pop music was better than today’s pop music.
  12. Humans should not be testing beauty products on animals.
  13. Should students all be required to learn a foreign language?
  14. Pets should not be kept outdoors.
  15. Junk food should be banned at school.
  16. Are the Harry Potter books overrated?
  17. Mobile devices should/should not be allowed at school.
  18. Should college be free for all students?
  19. Students should be allowed to take a music or art class instead of PE.
  20. High school students should take a class on managing finances.
  21. Sign language should be a required course.
  22. Should there be some limits to free speech?
  23. Recycling should be made mandatory.
  24. Is using solar energy really worth the cost?
  25. Should the world ban nuclear power?
  26. College athletes should receive a salary.
  27. Are the Olympic Games really worth the cost of hosting them?
  28. Is online schooling as effective as going to a traditional school?
  29. Can playing violent video games lead to violence in real life?
  30. Should we ban facial recognition technology?
    Kids Persuasive Writing Topics
  31. Should social media platforms do more to protect the privacy of users?
  32. Excessive use of social media leads to anxiety and depression.
  33. There should be an age limit on social media use.
  34. What 21st Century invention has had the greatest impact on our society?
  35. Does technology increase or decrease inequality?
  36. Athletes who have a positive drug test should be banned from the sport.
  37. What type of punishment should be given for cheating?
  38. Homework should not be required.
  39. What school rule should be changed and why?
  40. Kids should learn how to cook their own meals.
  41. Music education is important and should be a part of school curriculum.
  42. Should music producers have more power than band members do?
  43. There’s a good chance that aliens exist.
  44. Having too much money can end up being a bad thing.
  45. Dress codes should not be used in schools.
  46. School days are too long and should be shortened.
  47. The best dessert in the world is _____.
  48. Should schools allow sugary drinks?
  49. Is it more exciting to eat at home or at a restaurant?
  50. Should you be allowed to have wild animals as a pet?
  51. The best athlete in the world is ______.
  52. Winter sports are better than summer sports.
  53. Is it more fun to watch sports or to play sports?
  54. Do professional athletes make too much money?
  55. Should you be able to get books free?
  56. Are action movies better than comedies?
  57. Which is better: streaming a movie at home or seeing a movie at the theater?
  58. Should people who are rich pay more in taxes than poorer people?
  59. Do you think we should give money and other benefits to homeless people?
  60. Does society treat individuals with mental illness fairly?
  61. Should you go to school year-round or do you think you should have that summer vacation?
  62. Are security guards needed in schools?
  63. Should teachers and schools use social media to communicate with students?

More Persuasive Writing Topics and Prompts

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