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Persuasive Essay Topics (31 Ideas!)

31 Persuasive Essay Topics— The persuasive essay is a difficult form to master, as it should be both convincing and emotionally resonant without straying over into the realm of false arguments and red herrings. For that reason, middle school is a wonderful time to introduce this writing form to students and help them learn about structuring and making coherent, thoughtful arguments that bring others around to their positions.

Middle School Persuasive Essay Topics

With these 31 new persuasive essay topics, students will have the chance to convince readers of their opinions on all sorts of issues.

From topics like the ethics of using real leather and fur to considering what age kids should be allowed to have their own cell phones, your class will form opinions and then work to persuade others of their ideas. To do so, they’ll need to practice their written communication skills as well as their critical thinking—and they’ll also need to add a healthy dash of pathos to their arguments.

Use these persuasive essay topics to help your middle school students learn all about what it takes to convince someone to come around to your side!

31 Persuasive Essay Topics
(for Middle-Schoolers)

  1. What aspect of our current school system is most in need of a new approach?
  2. Are zoos ethical?
  3. Should students be punished at school for things they post on social media at home?
  4. Which historical figure deserves far more recognition than he or she receives?
  5. Is technology progressing too slowly, at an appropriate rate, or too fast for our society?
  6. What should the minimum voting age be?
  7. Is it better to be good at coming up with ideas (a planner) or putting them into action (a doer)?
  8. Is it okay to use real leather or real fur?
  9. Should our government recognize religiously affiliated holidays?
  10. What is the greatest book that was ever written?
  11. Should people be required to attend school and receive an education?
  12. What is the most important profession in today’s world—and do we value it appropriately as a society?
  13. What political issue should we all be more concerned about?
  14. Are negative political ads a good way for politicians to campaign?
  15. Should students be allowed to use cell phones at school?
  16. At what age should kids be allowed to have their own cell phones?
    Middle School Topics for Persuasive Essay Writing
  17. Is sexual education curriculum at our school adequate—or are there more things you need to learn?
  18. Which of our constitutional rights is the most important?
  19. What is the best way for people to define success?
  20. Are group projects productive or a waste of time?
  21. Should local historical landmarks be preserved or should people be able to develop them into something new?
  22. Can kids ever make a difference?
  23. What is the purpose of art?
  24. Is today’s world a safer or more dangerous place than the world used to be?
  25. What is the greatest challenge of being a woman in today’s world?
  26. What is the greatest challenge of being a man in today’s world?
  27. Which is better—a long, happy, boring life or a short, happy, exciting life?
  28. Should our country have a draft?
  29. Should teachers and principals be allowed to search your locker? If so, under what circumstances?
  30. Do standardized tests effectively measure a student’s knowledge?
  31. Does our society still need feminism? Why or why not?

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Persuasive Writing Topic for Middle School Students
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