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Creative Writing Lesson Plan

Free Creative Writing Lesson Plan—

Storytelling has been an important part of human culture for thousands of years—but for kids, stories hold an even greater power.  Whether the tale is about an ancient civilization or a futuristic new world, children experience stories with a sense of wonder and belief that allows them to engage deeply and connect with the characters and themes.

Creative Writing Lesson Plan for Grade 3

In this language arts lesson, students will learn how to use dialogue and description in their writing to create this type of empathetic, experiential response in readers. 

As they work to convey their character’s actions, thoughts, and feelings through quotations and structured sequences of events, students will become proficient in character development and the use of both dialogue and narrative in writing.

3rd Grade Creative Writing Lesson Plan

Title: Using Dialogues in Narratives
Subject: Creative Writing
Source: JournalBuddies.com
Grade Level: Third
Time Duration: 50-60 minutes
Materials:  Chart paper, markers, paper, pencils, storyboard handout


Use dialogue and descriptions of actions, thoughts, and feelings to develop experiences and events or show the response of characters to situations.

Free Creative Writing Lesson Plan Resources:

Anticipatory Set:  

Ask students if they have ever seen these marks “”. Do you know what that means?  Chart student answers.

Ask if they can think of an example when they saw “” in their reading.

Ask if anyone knows what these marks are called (quotation marks).

Direct Instruction: 

Dialogue: conversation. Dialogue can add interest and excitement to your stories. The characters talk and the reader learns about them and feels like they are part of the story.

Narrative: A story, fiction

We use quotation marks to show that someone is talking in a story.

Repeat after me “In the US, commas and periods go inside the quotation marks, always.”

Example: Brenda said, “I love to watch TV on my laptop.”

Ming Lee cried, “Help! I  do not like snakes, rats, or possums.”

Sequence:  The order that events happen in a story.

When you write a story, you want to think about what happens first, in the middle, and last.

Think about the story ____________________________ we read. What were the three main events? Which came first? In the middle? At the end?

Guided Practice:  

Select a student to say a sentence they would have a character in a story of their say. Write it on the board. Have the student come up and put the quotation marks.

Free Grade 3 Creative Writing Lesson Plan

The teacher writes this on board:   

  • The dragon ran away
  • Paul saw the dragon
  • Paul yelled to his friends “Hey, check it out!”

Ask:  What do you think is the best sequence for these sentences?

Students complete their creative writing storyboard handout with teacher’s help.

Creative Writing Lesson Plan Grade 3

Independent Practice:  

Students write their own story with a beginning, middle, and end. Stories must have two characters and two examples of dialogue.


One or two students share their story. Class debriefs about the sequence and the dialogue (strengths, growth opportunities).


Students illustrate the beginning, middle, and end of their stories.

 10 Fun Story Writing Ideas for Students

  1. You discovered a hidden treasure while playing on the playground. Write about what you found and what you did after you found it.
  2. The wind was whipping on a cold day in April. Suddenly, something landed in front of you by surprise…
  3. Your character has a chance to go back to one specific day and make one change. Write about the choices the character makes and the impact that they have.
  4. A young student has been preparing for a baking contest for weeks. They have everything ready, but when the big day arrives…
  5. You are an astronaut who is preparing for your first mission to space. Where are you traveling to in the universe? What do you bring with you for your journey?
  6. Write a story from the perspective of a grasshopper. What does the world look like around you? What types of things do you do during the day?
  7. There once was a squirrel living in a tree, and she had the ability to talk to humans…
  8. Your little brother came home with a new pet dinosaur. Write a story about your parents’ reactions.
  9. It was the first day of school, and you couldn’t believe your eyes when you walked into the classroom…
  10. Write a story about a character who stumbles upon a magical, color-changing rock.

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Creative Writing Lesson Plan for Grade 3
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