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29 Creative Writing Topics for College Students

Whether you’re writing to polish your skills or for personal enjoyment, you’ll find an excellent creative writing prompt here on our list of ideas. Yes! We have prepared a list of fun and interesting creative writing topics for college students to help you unleash your creativity and improve your writing skills. So get ready to explore the endless possibilities of your imagination!

Creative Writing Prompts for College Students

As a college student, creating writing can be a great outlet for your feelings, thoughts, and imagination. It lets you express yourself in ways that are personal while exploring new characters and worlds through your writing.


The creative writing topics for college students below will encourage you to not only think creatively and but also deeply while having fun. 

From imagining yourself as a superhero to creating a world where time travel is possible, each topic is designed to spark your imagination.

So grab a pen and paper, start creating something amazing, and take your writing skills to a new level.

29 Creative Writing Topics for College Students

  1. Write short stories with the theme of time traveling and use a unique plot twist in each story.
  2. Write about a moment in your life when you experienced a significant change or growth.
  3. Write a poem about a person who discovers a hidden superpower and uses it to change the world.
  4. Use the character of the protagonist from your favorite fiction novel and make them the antagonist of your new story. 
  5. What is your favorite movie of all time? Imagine you get to make a sequel for it, what will be its plot and storyline?
  6. Imagine a high-tech robot is taking over the world, and you and your friends are fighting against it. Write a story 
  7. What do you feel about poetry? Explain its significance in a person’s life from your point of view.
  8. Have you ever challenged your pre-existing worldview? If yes, then write a personal essay on it and whether you would like to do this again.
  9. What was your college essay topic? Write about the difficulties you faced. If you had the chance to rewrite it, would you do it? 
  10. Prose vs. poetry: which one do you enjoy more and why?
  11. Imagine you are in a world without social media or the internet; describe what your everyday life would be like.
  12. Write an essay on the impact of higher education on a student’s life
  13. Do you have a hidden talent? Write about it!
    Creative Writing Ideas for College Writers
  14. Write a horror story about a bunch of teenagers who find a haunted house. Challenge yourself by adding some humor to it. 
  15. Write a fictional story about a boy who found out he is a werewolf during his graduation party.
  16. You can only one read fiction books for the rest of your life – or nonfiction. Which one would you choose and why?
  17. Write a memoir about a person who is your biggest inspiration in life and the lessons they taught you.
  18. Borrow a character from the movie you watched recently or create your own. Write a story that explores that character’s perspectives.
  19. Do you remember any fairy tale that your parents told you? Write about it.
  20. Write a letter to your future self OR Write about your long-term goals; where do you see yourself in 10 years?
  21. Do you think grades matter? Write your opinion. 
  22. List five genres you know about and write a short story in each genre.
  23. Do you have pets? Write a poem about your favorite pet!
  24. Write about the most difficult assignment you had to do up till now.
  25. Imagine you are working as a writer at a magazine. Write a blog post on global warming. 
  26. Write an argumentative essay on “Does the internet have any role in improving society?”
  27. Write about your personal experience with college. How is it different from high school?
  28. List out 10 creative ideas you’d like to write about and then pick one and write about it!
  29. Imagine not having to fill out college applications yet you could still attend college of your choice. Write about the advantages and disadvantages of changing the admissions process.

I hope you enjoyed these creative writing topics for college students!

A Few Closing Thoughts

Whether you’re an experienced writer or just starting out, there’s no limit to the creativity and inspiration you can tap into. Even those who consider themselves non-creative types can sometimes be moved to create something beautifully profound. 

I hope that these creative writing topics for college students will inspire you to think creatively and write some interesting things. Who knows, maybe you’ll even surprise yourself!

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Until next time, write on…

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