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72 Write Idea Prompts for All Ages

Find the Write Idea and Start Journaling with 72 New Writing Prompts for All Ages

Journaling is a fantastic way to boost your creativity, improve your writing skills, or simply get to know yourself a little better. Best of all, it couldn’t be easier to get started: all you need is something to write with—and the “write idea”!

Write Idea Journal Prompts for All Ages

For many people, figuring out what to write about is the hardest part of journaling. A journal entry can be about literally anything, but this limitless potential makes it tough for some people to narrow things down to a single topic.

That’s why we love journal prompts so much. Whether you choose a reflective question to answer or a creative story to write, a quick prompt can be enough to focus your thoughts and give you a starting point. As we like to say, journal prompts give you the write idea you need to begin writing!

With that in mind, we’ve created 72 brand new prompts for all ages. We hope you’ll find them inspiring and invigorating—and that you’ll find the write idea to continue your journey into journaling.

Use These Write Idea Prompts to Jumpstart Your Journal

  1. Write your life story in 300 words or less.
  2. What are you most looking forward to in life right now?
  3. What excites you?
  4. Write about a time when you created something that you were proud of making.
  5. If you could go anywhere in the world to do anything right now—where would it be? And what would you do when you got there?
  6. What is the best feeling in the world?
  7. Have you ever made a friend or connected with a stranger somehow online? What happened?
  8. Do you feel like you get enough exercise? Why or why not?
  9. Write about a milestone event in your life—something that affected everything that came afterward.
  10. Would you rather be an only child or be part of a family with ten siblings? Why?
  11. Are you someone who takes risks? Why or why not?
  12. What is the greatest lesson you ever learned?
  13. If a group of people had to describe you in one word, what do you think they would say? How would this differ from the way you would describe yourself?
  14. If you could go back and relive any one day of your life, what day would you choose? Would you prefer to experience everything the same way or is there something you would change?
  15. What do you think the key to happiness is?
  16. Write about a time when you tried something new and had a positive experience.
  17. Are you an analytical or emotional person? How does this impact your life?
  18. What is your most cherished possession? Would it be worth much to anyone else or is its value purely sentimental?
  19. Write about something you’ve always wanted to say to someone else.
  20. What is your favorite food?
  21. Would you rather have more time or more money? Why?
  22. Describe your ideal Friday night.
  23. What do you love? Write about the first three things that come to mind.
  24. What do you think about when you’re trying to fall asleep at night? What do you think about when you wake up in the morning?
  25. Write about a time when you gave 100 percent effort toward achieving a goal. Did your hard work pay off?
  26. When was the last time you treated yourself?
  27. Who do you turn toward when you need support in your life?
  28. You’re going on vacation—are you the type of person to go see all the sights or to spend your days lounging at a resort? Why?
  29. Describe the perfect breakfast.
  30. Write about a time when you had to choose between two great options.
  31. What relationship has had the greatest impact on your life?
  32. Write about something you’ve always wanted to do that you haven’t done—yet.
  33. If you could rid the world of one minor annoyance, what would it be?
  34. Do you consider yourself optimistic, pessimistic, or realistic? Why?
  35. Write about one way that your life is different from how you imagined it as a child—and one way that it is the same.
    All Ages Write Idea Journal Prompts
  36. When was the last time you danced?
  37. What do you plan to be doing in three years?
  38. Write about a piece of art that had an impact on your life.
  39. Would you rather have perfect sight or perfect hearing? Why?
  40. Look around the room and choose an object near you to write a poem about.
  41. If you could visit any part of outer space, what would you choose to see? Why?
  42. Write about a time when the only thing you could do was laugh at yourself.
  43. What is something frivolous that you could never live without?
  44. Write about a time when you told a lie. Was it a big or small lie? Why didn’t you tell the truth?
  45. What are you grateful for?
  46. Write about a time when everything went just right for you.
  47. What is the most relaxing thing in the world to you?
  48. Write about your favorite childhood memory.
  49. Write a recipe for happiness.
  50. What was the best party you ever went to? What made it so special?
  51. Write about the last person you had a good conversation with. What did you discuss?
  52. Write about a time when your own reaction to something surprised you.
  53. What inspires you?
  54. They say laughter is the best medicine—do you agree? Why or why not?
  55. If a stranger observed you in public for 15 minutes, what impression do you think they would get of you?
  56. Do you believe in magic?
  57. Write about a time when you did something that made you feel like you were in a movie.
  58. If you could have the answer to any one question in your life, what would it be?
  59. Write about something you could never get tired of.
  60. How have your hobbies and interests changed as you’ve gotten older? Are any of them still the same? Why do you think that is?
  61. If you could create your own holiday, what would it be called? What would it celebrate? How would people recognize the day?
  62. What is your favorite time of day? Why?
  63. Would you rather be able to travel through time to anywhere you want to go—or teleport anywhere instantly, but only in the modern world?
  64.  Listen to your favorite song and start writing down whatever comes to mind.
  65. Do you believe the grass is always greener on the other side? Why or why not?
  66. Write about meeting your best friend for the very first time.
  67. Write about a time when you took a big risk that ended up paying off.
  68. What is the best gift you’ve ever received?
  69. Write about your greatest hope for someone you love.
  70. What do you think your best quality is?
  71. What is your guilty pleasure?
  72. Write about a time when you proved your own strength to yourself.

More Prompts

Sometimes you just need a little inspiration to get started…and whether you’ve been journaling for six days or six years, we hope these fun new prompts will give you the write idea!

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Write Idea Prompts to Jumpstart Your Journal Writing

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