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40 Great Journal Topics For College Students

Whether you want to express your emotions or need an effective means to become a better writer, we have prepared a list of journal topics for college students that will help them throughout their college journey!

Journal Topics for College Students

Journal writing in college helps you stay aware of your feelings, emotions, disappointments, thoughts, and dreams. It also keeps your mental health in check. Whether you’re new in college or have been here for a while, it’s never too late to start daily journaling. 

We have created a list of writing prompts that can be helpful to all college students. Using these prompts will not only help you feel better but also make you a better writer so you can ace your college essays!

So grab a notebook and a pen and start writing!

40 Creative Journal Topics for College Students

This list of prompts is suitable for use as free-response journal prompts for high school and college English courses. Some of the prompts will work for general writing courses as well.

  1. What is your everyday routine in college?
  2. Write about your three top favorite things in college?
  3. Is college life how you expected it to be? Write about it!
  4. Write the positive impact of college on your life.
  5. What inspired you to choose your major
  6. Write about achievable goals you have for the future
  7. Suppose there was no internet; what would your life have been like in college? 
  8. Have you noticed any changes in your behavior after starting college? Write about them?
  9. Do you get anxious during final exams? How do you deal with it?
  10. Write an essay on the mental health benefits of journal writing.
  11. Write about the life lesson you learned after coming to the college
  12. If you get a chance to get one superpower, which one would you like to have that brings a positive impact on your college life?
  13. Write about your top five priorities this semester. 
  14. Write about your greatest fear and different ways to conquer it.
  15. Write an interesting poem about homework.
  16. If you get a chance to talk to your future self, what are the three things that you will tell yourself? 
  17. Explain the college experience in three words.
  18. If you had a chance to change your classroom, what would you do?
  19. Write about any bad habits that you have developed or improved after starting college.
  20. Explore some money management tips.
    Writing Topics for College Journaling
  21. What is your first memory of starting college or college classes? Who was your first best friend? What was the scariest thing or most memorable thing that happened in the first week? 
  22. Discuss some of your favorite foods that you get from your college cafeteria. 
  23. Write a list of essay topics on the theme of self-reflection.
  24. Who inspires you the most? Write about them.
  25. Which academic areas stress you the most? Where do you excel?
  26. Where would you like to see yourself once you finish college? 
  27. What are the things you miss most about high school that are not in college?
  28. How do you spare your free time?
  29. Do you want to leave a legacy behind in college? Write about it.
  30. What is your idea of the ideal productive day in college?
  31. Self-care in college – share your perspective on this topic.
  32. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
  33. Write a fictional story about a girl who goes to college and discovers her magical powers. 
  34. What is your favorite memory of high school?
  35. Write about your college friends. How are they different than your elementary, middle or high school friends and how do they make you feel? Is there someone in your group who inspires you? 
  36. If money wasn’t an object, which career would you choose? Would you be on the same path as you’re now?
  37. Write about three traits you love about yourself.
  38. Which one of your skills would you like to teach others?
  39. Write three short-term goals and three long-term goals.
  40. Create a bucket list for the next summer break.

I hope you enjoyed these journal topics for college students!

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