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18 Easy and Fun Mermaid Writing Prompts For Students

Looking for fun, creative writing Mermaid writing prompts? We have some excellent ideas for you and your writers. Added bonus! These prompts can help young, budding writers improve their storytelling and descriptive writing abilities. Take a look now and enjoy. I think you’ll be really glad you did.

Mermaid Writing Prompts

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We’ve prepared some easy and fun mermaid-related creative writing prompts to spark kids’ imaginations. 


Expand Students’ Creative Writing Skills

Learning to write about mermaids and merfolk is great practice for budding writers because this topic tends to engage their imaginations. 


The topic of mermaids can help students’ creative writing skills since they have to craft a tale about a mythical creature. Indeed, the writer will need to dive deep — pun intended! — into the topic and convince their readers of the existence of mermaids. And, doing so successfully will take some creative writing skill or it will improve a writer’s overall skill level.


Writing about mermaids is also interesting because it prompts young writers to think about a fantasy situation detached from their own.

These mermaid prompts can help learners become better writers. In addition, they’ll spark their imagination and help them improve creative writing abilities and boost descriptive writing skills, too.

Ok, get to it and use these fun, imaginative prompts to describe mermaids today and create a wondrous story about them.

18 Fun Mermaid Writing Prompts

  1. A group of young mermaids decide to sneak out past their curfew. Write about their underwater adventures on a hot summer night.
  2. A mermaid is swimming in deep waters when they see friendly human faces staring at them from the ocean bed.
  3. A mermaid emerges to the surface of the water and then…
  4. You’re fishing with your family when you feel your rod tug. You try reeling in the big fish, but you fall overboard. As you descend into the water, you notice a mermaid looking curiously at you.
  5. Write a story about someone bringing the perfect gift to make a mermaid fall in love with them.
  6. Write a story about a mermaid washing onto a beach and being found by well-meaning sailors.
  7. Mermaids aren’t supposed to be afraid of water but this one is….explain why she fears water.
  8. Write a story about a mermaid who discovers that she cannot communicate with humans above water. What does her language sound like underwater?
  9. Pen a story about pirates trying to track down a fantastic mermaid for its gold-coated tail.
    Kids Mermaid Inspired Writing Ideas
  10. Write your own story about mermaids while using people from your everyday life as inspiration.
  11. The siren blew loudly. Suddenly, all the mermaid were on alert when they saw…
  12. Use your imagination and write a story from the perspective of sea animals who witness mermaids swimming among them. Are they friends or foes?
  13. Write about a mermaid who runs a scuba diving business.
  14. Write a story about a mermaid who’s best friend is a shark and tell about their adventures.

  15. You’re on a ship and hear a voice calling you by name. Looking down at the sea, you see a mermaid. “Everything you know about us is wrong!”, she exclaims. Continue this prompt.
  16. Write a story about a mermaid who saves a young boy from drowning.

  17. You’ve likely watched The Little Mermaid a few times. Imagine a mermaid’s life as the opposite of that and write about what it would look like.
  18. You’re skipping rocks at the beach when you notice a group of mermaids celebrating. You approach closer and ask them what they’re doing. They respond that they’re celebrating a public holiday. Continue this story.

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A Few Closing Thoughts

Like unicorns or centaurs, mermaids are fascinating because they’re inspired by real-life creatures yet have enough of a mythical twist to capture children’s imagination.

After all, can you imagine a human being living in the ocean and swimming in the deepest seas among other animals like sharks, dolphins, etc.? The answer is that it’s not humanly possible. Yet, mermaids remain the stuff of legend because evidence about their existence does not exist.

The good news is that you can still use your imagination and creativity to make them seem real and larger than life. Yes!

Now get to it and write your very own good tale about magical mermaids.

Ok, that’s all for today. Until next time, keep on writing…

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