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35 Fantasy Writing Prompts

Fantasy Writing Prompts— Do you need some fabulous fantasy writing ideas for kids? Maybe you want to teach a fantasy writing unit to your students or are wondering how to teach fantasy writing to young writers? You have come to the right place.

Fantasy Writing for Kids

Most kids enjoy fantasy stories and if your kids enjoy reading this genre, there’s a very good chance they will enjoy writing a bit of fantasy for themselves. But, if they simply sit and wait for inspiration to strike to begin writing, they might never get started so they may need some help in the form of writing prompts. For those writers, teachers, and homeschools looking for a little fantasy writing inspiration help, we are here for you! From magic to the supernatural, we offer you this wonderful list of fabulous writing prompts to get the creative fantasy writing juices flowing for your budding writers. Simply scroll down the page to check out our fun fantasy writing prompts and ideas.

If, however, your kids aren’t quite ready to write fantasy, a lesson or unit of study may be needed.  A fantasy writing lesson could focus on a series of prewriting activities or an entire unit of study could be dedicated to this exciting and fun genre.  There are some fantastic resources online that outline how to teach fantasy pre-writing or how to teach an entire unit on how to write a fantasy story. With a quick Google search, you’ll be on your way to guiding your writers on their very own fantasy story creations. We have included a short list of fantasy writing resources at the end of the article.

Of course, a primary key to writing in the fantasy genre is to exercise one’s imagination in order to spark engaging and creative writing inspirations. As a writer practices, they will find it gets easier and easier to jump into a fantasy world of their very own creation. Until then, use these creative prompts to help inspire your young writers!

Fantasy Writing Prompts

  1. You find a strange-looking egg while walking through the forest, but once you took it home and it hatched, you could have never imagined what was actually inside.
  2. You’ve discovered a wand along with an instruction manual. Write about the first few days with your new magic wand.
  3. Write about a wedding when the bride’s family is magical and the groom’s family hates magic.
  4. A dragon shows up for a holiday parade, but no one knew they were real. Describe what happens.
  5. A genie gets tired of his job and throws a tantrum, sending spells everywhere. What happens?
  6. On Easter, somehow all domestic pets began to talk.
  7. You have a small garden, and one day as you’re watering the plants, one of them speaks up and warns you that you’re in danger.
  8. Two boys climbed a nearby water tower, only to find that it leads to an invisible castle. What happens?
  9. Staring at an old black and white photo of a young woman, suddenly you’re pulled into the photo. Where are you?
  10. Create a fantasy world of your own using three of the following elements: elves, a captured prince, a wand, magic, a dungeon, a bag of gold that replenishes, or a castle.
  11. Somehow, you’re able to see what other people are thinking and you know what the town mayor is planning.
  12. The queen’s son finds out there are ghosts in the castle, and they give him a message.
  13. You’re out catching fireflies and putting them into a jar. Later that night you realize you accidentally captured a fairy and she’s not impressed.
  14. A virus is accidentally created that makes you age backward and you’re looking for the cure.
  15. A beautiful yacht shows up in the harbor, but there’s no one on it.
  16. The railroad has been closed for years, but one night you wake up to the sound of a train.
  17. A young boy finds an ancient sword in an abandoned storage locker. It’s more than an ordinary sword. It has magical powers.
    Fantasy Writing Prompts for Students
  18. Every day you walk by the oak tree at the end of your drive. But today, it whispered your name.
  19. You find out your uncle is an evil sorcerer. You have to figure out how to stop his evil plan.
  20. Even though you went to the best magic school in the land, you can’t perform magic. Why?
  21. An evil witch put a curse on you and you can never speak again unless you can undo the curse.
  22. Someone stole your magical powers. How do you get them back?
  23. You nurse an injured cat back to health. And then the cat speaks to you.
  24. You’re a story teller, but you notice that all your stories are coming true.
  25. You’re a veterinarian and one night an old man barges into your clinic with an animal you never thought was real.
  26. You find an old mirror in the attic and when you uncover it, you’re pulled into a magical, secret world.
  27. First, you noticed a discoloration on your stomach, but it’s spreading. You’re growing scales and changing into a dragon. How do you tell your loved ones?
  28. A new family moved in next door. When you go to welcome them, you find out they’re all fairies.
  29. You go scuba diving in the Caribbean, but you didn’t expect to encounter a village of mermaids on your dive. Unfortunately, they don’t want to let you go back above water.
  30. A fairy hates seeing so much violence in the city she lives in, so she decides to make everyone fall in love with each other. She wanted peace, but what really happens after her spell?
  31. You were thrown into a volcano as a sacrifice by the nearby village, but nobody thought you’d walk back out of it.
  32. Even though the old mine had been closed for decades, every time there was a new moon, you could hear the laughter echo from the mine for miles.
  33. The teenage boy had been mute since birth. But one day he discovered he could talk with animals.
  34. You found an old jewelry box at your grandmother’s house. She said you could have it, but when you put on the beautiful pearl necklace, you suddenly find that you are in the middle of a castle ball.
  35. The scientist ran out of the laboratory. He was scared. He had been trying to clone a human for years, but this morning he accidentally created a vampire. What happens next?

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Most kids enjoy fantasy stories and if your kids enjoy reading this genre there’s a very good chance they will enjoy writing a bit of fantasy for themselves.
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