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21 Fun And Silly Pirate Writing Prompts

21 Fun and Creative Pirate Writing Prompts — Pirates have a reputation for a lot of things, but being great writers is not one of them. Finding pirate-themed writing prompts that are fun and silly can be a challenge, so we wrote some new, original, and great ideas to provide your student writers with fun pirate writing prompts. Take a look now and enjoy!

Pirate Writing Prompts

Avast ye, matey! A pirate’s life is full of excitement and adventure, but it’s far from easy. (Imagine fighting off rivals with a wooden leg and an eyepatch!)

Now… Everyone dreams of finding a treasure map that leads to untold riches, and with a pen in your hand, you, too, can be in the midst of an exhilarating ordeal. 

With these writing prompts, you can talk about all the fun you’d have while sailing the seven seas. You better get to writing, or you’ll have to walk the plank and be sent straight to Davy Jones’s locker.

21 Creative Pirate Writing Prompts

  1. The captain of the pirate ship makes your best friend walk the plank. How will you two get out of this one?
  2. You join a crew of pirates that haven’t found treasure in 30 years. How will you lift them up to work together?
  3. You’re trapped on a deserted island with a gang of pirates. The only way to get back home is to work together!
  4. Write a poem you’d sing if you were a pilot sailing the high seas.
  5. You go on an adventure to help a pirate find his lost parrot.
  6. You vow to uncover the treasure that Blackbeard spent his life trying to find. Take about your master plan.
  7. After your crew struck gold, they get into a brawl about how to divide the loot.
  8.  It felt like another silent night sailing the seas until you walk onto the deck and find a mermaid. 
  9. After finding a secret treasure, your first mate betrays you and tries to take it all.
  10. You were abducted by pirates. Now you have to help them fight creatures of the sea to return home.
    Kids Writing Prompts about Pirates
  11. The newly made pirate was charismatic but inexperienced. After convincing the crew to go after an elusive treasure, they find themselves on a dangerous adventure.
  12. Pirates from different backgrounds must work together to fight a sea monster with sickly green scales and teeth glowing green.
  13. You find a strange creature sailing towards you at lightening speeds. You climb to the very top of the mast to get a better look. Describe this monster and how your crew fights it.  
  14. Write a story about a day in the life of a pirate experiencing modern society.
  15. You find a message in a bottle floating in the sea, Write out what it said.
  16. If you were a pirate, what five items would you always have with you?
  17. You find a treasure chest. Write about what you would do with the riches.
  18. You must hide your treasure from a group of pirates. List the steps you would take to hide it.
  19. Living in close quarters turns your crew into a real family. Talk about all your crewmates and their unique features.
  20. You were made to walk the plank but survived. Now, you set out for revenge!
  21. Write a story about how you saved the captain’s life to earn your wings and become first mate.

Writing about pirates is a surefire way to set your creativity in motion and teach you how to write about adventure and fantasy.

Thrilling Treasure Chest of Pirate Writing Ideas!
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We hope these pirate prompts help you create spectacular stories that make you the talk of the classroom. Time to set sail!

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Pirate Themed Writing Ideas

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