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25 Wonderful Writing About Flowers Prompt Ideas

Hooray for wonderful flowers! Writing about flowers is something that comes easily and naturally to most people. And, we believe that’s because it’s generally accepted that flowers are an inspiring, beautiful gift of nature. From poetry to mystery stories, you will find that it’s easy to write about flowers.

Writing About Flowers Prompt Ideas

You see…

Writing about flowers can be both fun and relaxing for students who are beginning to incorporate symbolize and vivid descriptions into their works.

Indeed, flower imagery can be the exact thing that speaks to a student and helps spark that creativity within them.

And now… Our brand new list of writing prompts and ideas will make it easy for your students to start writing about flowers. Take a look now and enjoy. Oh yeah!

25 Writing About Flowers Ideas

  1. Write a story about a friendship that begins with a bouquet of flowers.
  2. Teach your students that many flowers were once used as medicine. Have them research one medicinal flower or herb, and write an essay comparing and contrasting the flower’s purpose between then and now.
  3. Write a poem about your favorite flower.
  4. Use symbolism to incorporate flowers into a short story that takes place on the main character’s wedding day.
  5. Have your students go outside on a nature walk, and pick a handful of different flowers. When they come back to class, tell them they will be writing a journey entry about why they chose those particular blooms.
  6. The story begins on a person’s birthday, and someone gives them an individual flower for good luck.
  7. Write a poem about kids who make a wish on a dandelion that is growing on the playground.
  8. Write a short story from the perspective of florists who work with all types of clients who are in need of flowers.
  9. Flowers are often seen as a sign of hope eternal, but they are used during very sad occasions as well. Write a journal entry about why you feel flowers play an important role during a funeral or burial.
  10. Explore the mystery genre by writing a short story that utilizes flower imagery throughout it. 
  11. Consider the last novel that you read. Were flowers used as a symbol in the novel? Where was flower imagery used? What do you feel these symbols meant in the text? 
  12. Write a short story in which a pivotal scene takes place at a florist’s shop. 
  13. Take the time to research and outline a flowers essay. Your essay should be written about the important role that flowers play throughout our lives. 
    Flower Writing Prompts
  14. What is your favorite flower? Write a series of poems describing your favorite flower and what it means to you.
  15. Think about the last story or novel you read within the romance genre. Write down three examples in which flowers were used in the story. Do you feel the flowers were used effectively as a symbol? 
  16. Flowers may be breathtakingly beautiful, but we know that they will have an eventual demise. Write about the feelings that you may feel over the course of a flower’s lifespan. 
  17. If you were going to buy a bouquet of flowers for your best friend, what would it look like? Which flowers would you include in the bouquet? Why? 
  18. Take some time looking at a picture of small flowers. Consider how they are different from other types of flowers. Now, write a poem about the flowers that you have been looking at in the photograph.
  19. Write a haiku about a black rose.
  20. Flowers are often used as a way to show appreciation for something someone has done for you. Write about a time in which you gave flowers as a gift to show someone that you cared about them and that you appreciated the role they played in your life. How did you feel after giving this gift? How did the recipient feel? 
  21. Write a short story that takes place in a scientific lab in which experts are researching new floral specimens that were discovered outside of town.
  22. Write a poem about the most beautiful flower garden you have ever seen. If you have never been to a flower garden, write a poem about what you imagine it would look like.
  23. Write a persuasive essay convincing someone that flowers make the best anniversary gift.
  24. Challenge yourself to write a short story in which the main character is a flower. 
  25. Your short story begins with two best friends, whose names are Dahlia and Marigold. These two friends are about to begin the adventure of a lifetime together.

I hope you enjoyed these writing about flowers prompts and find great joy in using them.

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No matter what writing resource or idea that you use within your classroom, just be sure to encourage your students to always keep writing!

Until next time, write on…

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