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34 Easy and Fun Animal Writing Prompts

Animal writing with kids is so much fun, plus animal-themed writing is a wonderful way for children to expand their knowledge and creativity. Yes! There are many reasons to love our 3 wonderful lists of easy and fun animal writing prompts. So go for it and take a look now. I think you’ll be glad you did.

34 Easy and Fun Animal Writing Prompts

You see…

I share with you animal writing prompts that are suitable for children in kindergarten and older. Plus, you’ll find animal-themed prompts for writers of all ages.

With our list of prompts, your writers will have fun writing and learning about animal facts, interesting information, and more. Oh yeah. That means our lists of animal prompts will help your learners (of any age!) become better writers by engaging their interests and captivating their imaginations.

About Our Animal Writing Prompts

There is no doubt that animal writing is an excellent way to help kids improve their writing skills.

After the first list of animal prompts for young writers, you’ll find a list of creative writing prompts about animals followed by the third list of non-fiction animal writing prompts. You could use the first prompts list with preschoolers or kindergartens and the other two animal writing prompts with elementary-aged children in the first grade, second, third, and fourth grade.

Also, I’m guessing your middle-schoolers would love many of these animal writing prompts and ideas, too. Heck… so would most animal-loving high school student writers.

So check out our easy animal writing prompts today and use them in the classroom or at home, because writing about animals is, in a word, fabulous! Ok without further ado, here are those three list of animal prompts. Enjoy.

13 Animal Prompts for Young Writers

These are easy and fun animal writing prompts for young writers including kindergarteners.

  1. My favorite animal
  2. I want a pet _________ because…
  3. I love my pet so much because…
  4. Puppies are…
  5. A kitten will…
  6. Zebra stripes make me giggle because…
  7. A pet fish took a trip to…
  8. If I could be any animal, I would be a ________, and here’s why…
  9. Draw a picture of an animal you love and write about why you love it so much.
  10. Write a poem about animals
  11. Create an imaginary animal and draw it
  12. Farm animals are…
  13. An animal I never want to meet is _________ because…

Scroll on for more animal writing prompts.

34 Easy and Fun Animal Writing Prompts

11 Creative Writing Prompts About Animals

These prompts are for elementary students and middle-schoolers.

  1. Write a story about farm animals welcoming a new animal to their home.
  2. Write a story about wild animals being captured and taken to zoos.
  3. Base a story around a monkey escaping from a zoo.
  4. Write a story about your group of animal friends.
  5. Center a story around a deer and a snake being best friends.
  6. Craft a story about an elephant and a chicken living in a fantasy world.
  7. Write a story about your favorite pet meeting a stranger.
  8. Write a humorous story about a guinea pig.
  9. Write a story about jungle animals meeting a group of scientists.
  10. Center a story around a dog getting an allergy after being stung by a bee.
  11. Write a funny story about an intelligent giraffe dreaming of becoming a famous writer.

10 Non-fiction Animal Writing Prompts

You can also give historical or non-fictional writing exercises to help children improve their writing skills. Here are some non-fiction animal writing prompts to help:

  1. Share some interesting facts about your favorite animal.
  2. Cover a typical day in your pet’s life.
  3. Do you think a cat or a dog is a better pet, and why?
  4. Why is a tiger one of the most dangerous predators on land?
  5. Why/how are dolphins so intelligent?
  6. Detail your pet’s personality traits.
  7. When was the last time you saw an interesting animal? Describe your experience in detail.
  8. Describe your pet’s favorite things and activities and do so from a unique perspective.
  9. Describe your classmate’s favorite pet.
  10. What animal instincts would you like to adopt from an animal and why?

84 More Free Animal Writing Resources

Oh, and check out these resources for young writers from my blog, too.

Why Kids Love Animal Writing Prompts

Writing about animals is fun for children to learn about nature and wildlife while improving communication skills, memory, and knowledge. And most children love animals. Yet, even if they don’t, they can polish their writing skills by writing about different animals, like zebra, seahorses, unicorns, penguins, and more.

Furthermore, writing stories about animals can help children improve their written communication skills, making them more comfortable expressing themselves and their thoughts. 

Children also develop long-term recall abilities, improving their memory because they must remember the names of different animals and their habitats when writing. Oh, and children benefit from animal writing prompts as they can help them to apply different things learned in class, like grammar, vocabulary, and writing styles to a more creative project.

Finally, young writers also gain knowledge as they must be familiar with different animals, their habitats, and their unique personalities and features.

Improve Writing Skills with Fun Animal Writing Prompts

There’s a reason many children’s cartoons feature animal characters, like Peppa the Pig, Barney, Mickey Mouse, and more! Most kids love different types of animals, and they often also want to keep them as pets. That’s why writing about animals is an excellent way for students — from kindergarteners to students in 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade on up — to learn more about the world.

Not only does it help them learn the names of different animals, but it also sparks creativity within them, and elementary and middle school teachers know the importance of cultivating creativity and imagination in their students.

Here at Journal Buddies, we offer you and your writers loads of prompts, tips, and ideas to help young writers become better at writing, and in this case, better at writing about animals. 

Yes, Kids Love Animals A LOT

Various studies show that most children are generally very affectionate towards animals, especially pets at home.

For many kids, pets represent safety and security. In addition, most pet animals like kittens, cats, dogs, and puppies are appealing and reassuring. They’re often a source of comfort for children looking to process their feelings. 

Some studies show that up to one-third of a young child’s first words can be animal names. Young children are attracted to things that move and are easy to see. Animals fit this bill because they’re often brightly colored and make interesting noises.

Pets are different enough from fellow humans to interest young children. Yet, they’re also fascinating enough to intrigue them because they’re unpredictable in their actions and behavior. As a result, animals are a break from a child’s typical day. They’re unique and interesting because they represent something different. 

This is why writing about animals is a wonderful topic for young, aspiring writers. Of course, the wide appeal of animals to people of all ages makes animal writing a wonderful theme for writers of any age, too.

Get Writing About Animals

Hooray! Now you can better assist your writers in expanding their knowledge of and creativity about the animals they love so much, and perhaps some new ones they didn’t know a lot about until now.


You can use these animal writing prompts to help your young writers improve their writing skills while having a good time writing about a subject they love.

Ok, that’s all for today. Until next time, write on…

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34 Easy and Fun Animal Writing Prompts

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