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30 Awesome April Writing Prompts

Hooray for April Writing prompts! When April arrives, spring is in full force and that antsy feeling is starting to set in — that feeling like the students are ready to run outside and play. This is the perfect moment to start honing in on your students’ creativity and encouraging them to write.

Awesome April Writing Prompts

You see…

At this point in the school year, they have developed a solid foundation for writing, and they are
able to build upon their knowledge and skills.

That’s why…

Our awesome list of April writing prompts will guide your students through their next journaling
exercise and give them the push they need to take their writing to the next level. Take a look now
and enjoy!

30 April Writing Prompts for Students in Grades K-8

Get inspired by this excellent list of April writing prompts for students. Oh yeah!

  1. The month kicks off with April Fool’s Day on April 1. Write a short story about character
    whose joke went completely wrong on April Fools.
  2. The second day of April is International Children’s Book Day. Write a journal entry about
    your favorite children’s book. Why did you love this book so much? How has it impacted
    your life?
  3. In honor of Children’s Book Day, write down your own idea for a children’s book. Then,
    bring that book to life with your own words and pictures.
  4. By the fourth day of April, it’s time to celebrate National School Librarian Day. Who is
    your school librarian? Write about that person and all of the ways they contribute to your
  5. April can be a dreary month, hence the phrase “April showers bring May flowers”. Write
    a descriptive paragraph about your favorite rainy day activity.
  6. Think about the grade that you are in currently and what you have learned this year.
    Write down three things that you have really enjoyed about the current school year.
  7. April is National Poetry Month. Research a wellknown poet and describe your favorite
    poem that they wrote. What impact did this poem have on you?
  8. In honor of National Poetry Month, write your own poem.
  9. National Sibling Day takes place on April 10. Do you have siblings? Describe your
    relationships with them. If you don’t have siblings, write about what you would like about
    having siblings, and what you would not like.
  10. Kindergarten graduation is fast approaching. Write a story based on your own memory of
  11. Consider a writing topic about plants. April is the time when many seeds are planted.
    Write about your own adventures with gardening.
  12. Write a short story where the main characters are school librarians.
  13. Get those creative juices flowing by taking your writing journals outside. Write for five
    minutes straight about everything you see, hear, feel, and smell on this spring day.
  14. Describe your favorite park and explain why you love that park the most.
  15. Earth Day is April 22. Write a persuasive journal entry convincing your best friend to
    start recycling.
    April Writing Ideas and Journal Topics
  16. List five ways that you can celebrate Earth Day as a school community, then share them
    with your teacher.
  17. Many people start their spring cleaning during the month of April. Write a persuasive
    essay convincing your parents that you should not have to do any spring cleaning chores.
  18. Have you ever imagined what it might be like to be homeschooled? Write about the
    differences between your school day and what you think the school day might be like for
    a homeschooler.
  19. What does a perfect spring day look like to you? Describe it in detail.
  20. In your next writer’s workshop, write a character profile for a baseball player whose
    season is about to start in April.
  21. What do you think is the most important thing you learned in first grade? Why does that
    lesson stick out to you?
  22. Journals are an awesome activity for morning work. Have your students get their creative
    juices flowing by listening to classical music and writing down their feelings at that
  23. April is a beautiful month to get out and have fun. Write a descriptive paragraph outlining
    how you feel when you are outdoors and enjoying your favorite activity.
  24. Now is a great time to start a school blog! Write down your ideas for what you think your
    school blog should be about, then craft a sample blog post for it.
  25. What is your favorite flower? Describe how this flower looks and smells. Why does this
    flower hold special meaning for you?
  26. Write a haiku poem about taking care of the earth.
  27. As part of your daily writing practice, write a journal entry detailing why it’s important to
    practice your favorite sport, activity, or instrument.
  28. Write a paragraph describing how the sunshine feels on that first warm day in April.
  29. At the end of the month, think about what you did throughout all of April. What was your
    best day in April? What was your worst day? How can you make next month even better?
  30. Use Google Slides to create a digital journal entry about your pet. Include photographs,
    and be sure to provide plenty of details about your pet’s appearance and personality. You
    also should describe what you need to do to take care of your pet. If you don’t have a pet,
    write about a pet that you wish you had.

April writing prompts can help you create thematic writing assignments that align with the
current season while still giving your students plenty of opportunities to be creative. It’s the
perfect time of year to take their creative writing skills to the next level. Just remind them all
they have to do is keep on writing!

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