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Writing Prompts for Elementary Kids

Best Writing Prompts for Elementary Students— Whether your elementary students are still honing their writing skills or they’ve been writing book reports and short stories for years, there’s no such thing as too much practice!  Journaling is one of the most effective ways for kids to become better, more confident writers—and in turn, better, more confident students. That’s why we’ve developed an all-new list with 31 of the best writing prompts for elementary school students.

Elementary Writing Ideas and Journal Starters

This selection of writing prompts is both accessible and challenging—giving students a welcoming point of entry to journal-writing, while also offering plenty of room to stretch their creative muscles.  Kids will love expressing their thoughts on everything from beloved family memories to issues of peer pressure.

With plenty of questions to choose from and a journaling activity for everyone, we know you’ll find these to be some of the best writing prompts for elementary school students!

Ok, without further ado, here is that list of best writing prompts for elementary-aged writers!

Best Writing Prompts for Elementary School Students

  1. What happened on the best day of your life?
  2. When do you feel most grateful?
  3. Do you have more fun playing by yourself, with one or two friends, or with a large group of friends? Why?
  4. Do you feel like your parents trust you? Why or why not?
  5. Write about the first time you met your best friend. How did you meet?  What happened?  Did you like one another at first?
  6. What kinds of mysteries do you think there are in outer space?
  7. Write about a time when you stood up for yourself.
  8. Write about something that you’ve never understood, but have always wondered about.
  9. What is the most selfless thing you’ve ever done for someone else? Write about your experience.
  10. Write about a major event in your life that made you feel more grown-up.
  11. Do you get nervous speaking in front of other people? Why or why not?
  12. What is the best moment you’ve ever shared with your parents?
  13. What is the nicest thing someone else has ever done for you? How did you thank them?
  14. Write about a time when a friend saved the day.
  15. If you had to get rid of one toy every time you got a new one, would you be able to do so? Would you still want new toys?  Why or why not?
  16. Imagine that you have to go without electricity for one week. What would you do?  How would your life be different?
  17. What one place in the world would you like to visit more than anywhere else?
  18. Write about a time when a tiny mistake quickly turned into a major problem.
    Best Journal Ideas for Elementary Kids
  19. What animal best represents your personality? Why?
  20. Write about a time when you were afraid to do something you’d never tried before.
  21. Have you ever lost something that was important to you or your parents? What did you do?
  22. If you were the ambassador for a cause at school, what would it be? How would you educate people on your mission?
  23. What would your daily life be like if you lived 200 years ago?
  24. What do you think life will be like for kids 200 years in the future?
  25. Do you care about political issues? Why or why not?
  26. What does the word “empathy” mean to you?
  27. Have you ever given in to peer pressure? What happened?
  28. Write about a time when you forgave someone even though it was really hard to do so.
  29. Write about something that you could never live without.
  30. Choose one aspect of nature that could represent you and write about how it symbolizes you and your personality.
  31. What is more valuable to you than anything else? What makes it stand out in your mind?

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