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Anti-Bully Programs for Elementary Schools

Bullying has been a challenge faced by children throughout all phases of history, but recently educational advocates have begun to identify the serious consequences and ramifications that bullying has on young children. Bullying often begins in the earliest years of school, so it’s critical

Online Bullying

Understanding Online Bullying and How It Affects Your Kids— A recent case involving cyberbullying resulted in the suicide death of a teenage girl. ABC News reports that three teenage boys sexually assaulted a teenage girl at a party. They took photos of her, posted them

What is Self Esteem

The word “self esteem” gets thrown around a lot by child experts and parenting magazines, but what is self-esteem really all about? You know that it’s important to cultivate high self esteem in your child, but doing so isn’t necessarily as easy as it

Bully Facts

Bullying Facts and Statistics – Advice For the Parents of Victims By John W Sheridan Some things never seem to change. I am 61 years old and when I was in school there was the dreaded bully taking advantage of the children who, for no

School Bullying | Bully and Victim

School bullying is a serious matter. When a child or someone you know is a victim of bullying, both on or offline, they are prone to sadness, frustration, and may even experience a drop in their sense of self-worth.  Journaling helps them work through

Journaling Can Help Pre-Teens Cope with Bullying

A big concern for many parents these days is the interactions that their child has with fellow students at school. The news of late tells numerous stories about children being bullied and hazed by classmates while at school. This bullying, which has been going