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Creative Writing Practice: 5 Tips for Teachers

Five Ways to Work More Creative Writing Practice Into Your Students’ Days Preparing to teach a creative writing class?  Before you dive right in and start doling out journal prompts and story-starters, it’s essential to make sure you’re truly ready to begin teaching your

Teaching Tool Idea on Storytelling & Listening

Teaching Tool Idea: Storytelling & Listening Skills for Kids— The National Day of Listening takes place each year in November on the day after Thanksgiving. This celebration, established by StoryCorps, was conceived as a non-commercial alternative to the widespread shopping events that take place

Substance Abuse Prevention in Kids

Substance Abuse Prevention: Teacher & Student Resources and A Teacher Resource with 3 Lessons for Students You might not think your students are facing pressure yet to try drugs and alcohol, but more and more kids and teens are being exposed to illicit substances

Bullying Awareness

Bullying Awareness: What Kids Need to Know about Bullies and Their Victims—  Though students might imagine a bully as someone tough and fit who picks on the smaller, weaker kids, the truth is that anyone can be a bully. Bullies: Who are They In

Snowden and the NSA: A Brief Guide for Students

A Brief Guide for Students about the Controversy Surrounding Edward Snowden and the NSA The world’s attention turned to concerns of privacy, surveillance, and American rights in June when former National Security Agency (NSA) employee Edward Snowden leaked a series of top-secret documents to

Kids Summer Activities

Kids wait eagerly each year for the first day of summer—and it’s little wonder why. Summer is full of sunshine, laughter, and freedom. Most importantly, summer is also filled with fun and friends. This summer, encourage your kids to celebrate these special gifts. As

Online Bullying

Understanding Online Bullying and How It Affects Your Kids— A recent case involving cyberbullying resulted in the suicide death of a teenage girl. ABC News reports that three teenage boys sexually assaulted a teenage girl at a party. They took photos of her, posted them

Teaching Children to Write

5 Reasons Why Teaching Children to Write is a Great Idea— Writing is an essential life skill for everyone, regardless of the career paths they end up following. That’s why it’s never too early to start teaching kids how to write well. From writing

Writing Games for Kids

4 Ideas about Writing Games for Kids— While creative writing is an important exercise for students, helping them get inspired to write can sometimes be a challenge. Journal prompts and story starters are a great way to get the creative juices going, but sometimes

Elementary Character Education

The truth of the matter is that elementary character education usually starts at home, but it should also be noted that schools play an important role in the development of a child’s character as well. Most of the values learned at home will be honed
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