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355+ Creative Prompts

Journal keeping is a powerful activity for kids that can encourage them to open their minds to new possibilities and to become more comfortable expressing their own thoughts and opinions.  However, for many students, getting started is the hardest part. For a student who is

Good Study Habits for Kids

How to Teach Kids Good Study Habits— Homework is a fact of life. If you have school-age children, you’ve probably found yourself doing math problems or helping with English essays. But parenting does not necessarily mean that you’re stuck doing homework again. Although it

Journaling as a Tool to Reduce Preteen Stress

Journaling & Preteen Stress— When considering pre-teens, they have an incredible amount of demands that are placed on them almost on a daily basis. There is school, friends, (along with the peer pressure), familial responsibilities and extracurricular activities, to mention just a few of those

Confidence and Self Esteem

Confidence and Self Esteem: Four Tips for Parents and Caregivers Promoting confidence and self esteem in your child is one of the most important things you can do for his or her happiness and success. Children with higher levels of confidence and self esteem

What is Self Esteem

The word “self esteem” gets thrown around a lot by child experts and parenting magazines, but what is self-esteem really all about? You know that it’s important to cultivate high self esteem in your child, but doing so isn’t necessarily as easy as it

Dream Journaling

Exploring our dreams, fantasies, and ambitions through journaling has a positive effect on our self-esteem and confidence. Our dreams and fantasies can tell us a lot about ourselves and also help us develop our ambitions. And our ambitions lead us to setting goals and

55 Shared Journaling Ideas

Writing Prompts for Sharing Journaling— Though parents often intend to spend quality time connecting with their kids, it’s easy to get sidetracked by life’s many distractions and responsibilities. However, by scheduling time and activities to share together, you can foster connection and promote a

Shared Journaling Benefits

Insights on Shared Journaling— Between hectic schedules and the distraction of electronic communication, parents and kids sometimes have trouble finding the time to connect. However, the relationship you share with your child is one of the most important relationships you’ll ever have, and it

Bullying Statistics

Bullying Statistics— Did you know that 160,000 kids miss school each day for fear of bullying? Moreover, 1 out of 4 kids are bullied every month in the U.S. and 1 in 10 drops out due to repetitive bullying. I think this is unacceptable in

Journaling for Kids

Journaling for Kids: Decisions and Empowerment for Tweens— Being able to make good decisions is an important part of one’s self-esteem and confidence as it allows one to make decisions that are not only right for us, without pressure from others, but also allows
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