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How to Journal

How to Journal: 5 Great Tips For the purpose of this article we focus on tweens, yet know that these tips really may be applied to anyone of any age. Journal keeping is an ageless activity! Journal keeping can serve several purposes. For example,

Kids Goals

Kids Goal Setting — Goal Setting & Visioning Tools  Some kids are masters at making goals for themselves and creating a plan for achieving those goals, but the majority of kids – like adults – are not. Teaching kids goals setting (not goal but

Journaling for School Success

School success takes effort, commitment, determination and motivation on the part of students. Setting goals and staying motivated are particularly important to a child’s school success, and journaling can help in this area of child’s life. Wonderfully, journal writing may be used by students

Pre-teen Journaling with Music

To a preteen, most especially, music is a beautiful thing to hear. Can any of us with the gift of hearing imagine a life without the music that inspires or comforts us? Music has been with us since the beginning. From our beginning we