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32 Daily Writing Prompts to Inspire Creativity

32 Daily Writing Prompts to Inspire Creativity in Your Students Students today face more social pressures and constant stimulation than ever before—and as a result, it can be incredibly challenging for kids to retain their individuality and their own unique ideas.  Particularly in classroom

Helping Kids Find Inspiration

Kids Inspiration: Four Tips to Cultivate Creativity Some kids are lucky enough to have minds brimming with inspiration and new ideas at all times—but other kids need a bit of extra help to get the wheels turning. Whether they’re suffering from a lack of

52 Kids Journal Prompts about Poetry

Kids Journal Prompts about Poetry— If your students have ever questioned the value of poetry, or if they have ever tried to write poems themselves, then celebrating poetry is a wonderful opportunity to help them appreciate the art more deeply. With these 52 new

Preteen Journal Entries

Using Found Objects to Stimulate Imagination Our world is made up of many different things that can stimulate our journal writing. For example, our personal lives are one source from which we can find topics to write about. The things in our personal lives