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20 Magnificent Music Journal Ideas

Discover New Music Journal Ideas and Writing Prompts for Young Writers— Oh yeah! Music plays a pivotal role in the lives of children of all ages. Throughout life, children are introduced to music as a way to relax, connect with the world around them, and more. Plus…

Ideas for Music Journaling

Music helps kids experience their feelings and emotions, stay active, and keep them moving throughout the day.


You don’t have to be a music teacher or a music expert to incorporate music journaling into your daily routine. Use these music journal ideas to get your kids writing!

Why Use Music Writing Prompts

Music encourages brain development, as it helps children form important connections between their body and their mind. And…

Music can improve a young person’s mood, or help them sort through a challenging experience.

Recognizing that music plays an important role in daily life, teachers and parents should encourage children of all ages to write about music. Music journal ideas can help students of all ages better understand music and the impact that it has on their own lives.

Music is universally loved and it is easy to connect with others on a more personal level through music. Music journaling is a wonderful way for parents to bond with their children over music or for teachers to increase understanding and awareness within their classrooms.

20 Music Journal Ideas for Young Writers

Help your learners discover their musical talents and passion by incorporating these journaling ideas into your elementary, middle school, or even high school lesson plan.

  1. What is your favorite song right now? Why is that your favorite song? Is there a lyric from the song that stands out to you?
  2. Music plays an important role in a person’s culture and background. Does your family have any traditional music that they listen to that represents their culture? What do you like most about this music? When do you hear it most?
  3. Where do you like to the listen to music? Why?
  4. Listen to a song that was one of your favorites a few years ago. What do you feel when you listen to that song? Does it bring back any specific memories?
  5. What genre of music do you prefer? How did you discover this genre? Why is it your favorite?
  6. Do you play a musical instrument? If so, which instrument do you play and what do you like most about it? If not, would you ever consider learning how to play an instrument? Which instrument would you choose?
  7. Take some time to compose a song about the emotions you are experiencing right now. Write down the lyrics in your journal.
  8. Music can significantly influence your current mood. Write about a time when listening to a song helped cheer you up when you were feeling down.
  9. Write a journal entry while listening to classical music. Then, reflect on how the music influenced what you wrote and how you felt while writing.
  10. What was your favorite bedtime song as a child? How did it make you feel to hear that song as you were falling asleep?

    Music Themeed Journal Writing Prompt Ideas
  11. Imagine that you are taking a walk outside on a quiet day. What sounds might you hear? How does the world around us make its own music?
  12. Listen to a song from a different time period, and concentrate on the music as well as the lyrics. After the song is done, write a response in your journal.
  13. Music is more readily available today than it ever has been before throughout history. Imagine what life must have been like when music was harder to find. Do you think you would have appreciated music more or less if you had less access to it?
  14. Listen closely to the song that your teacher is playing. Which instrument is your favorite in the piece? Why?
  15. Imagine that you were on stage about to play your favorite instrument for a massive crowd. How do you think you would feel?
  16. Have you ever been to a live musical performance, such as a concert or a theater show? Did you enjoy it? What do you remember most about the experience? If you have not been, would you like to go to a live performance? Why or why not?
  17. Do you think music is a language? Why or why not?
  18. What is your favorite song to dance to right now? Where do you listen to this song? How does it feel when you dance?
  19. When you listen to your favorite song, what do you do? Do you sing it out loud? Do you tap your fingers to the music? Write about how your body responds to the music that you love.
  20. Do you feel that talented musicians are more influenced by natural ability or learned skills? Why do you feel this way?

I hope you enjoyed these music writing prompts and they’re added to your “playlist”!

More Creative Writing Prompts for Music Lovers

Oh yeah! In case you need even music-themed writing ideas, I invite you to check out this sample of prompts from our list of songwriting prompts.

    1. Taking a trip somewhere and the things you might encounter (the beach, the zoo, the park, the mall, etc.) – what did seeing or experiencing them make you feel?
    2. Your first love / first heartbreak – how you met and fell in love, what prompted the breakup, and how will you survive? Can you fall in love again?

    3. Try storytelling – think of someone or something you’ve always thought was interesting – what about them/it drew your attention? What could they/it do that would be funny/unexpected?

    4. Write about a time in your life when you had to overcome a difficult struggle.

    5. What was the last book you read? What about it was interesting that you could draw upon and write about from your perspective? Could be a character, situation, etc.

    6. Think about something that you might be missing  – did you move and you miss your friends? Or maybe you just miss this awesome ice cream shop or donut place from your old hometown?

    7. What are your hopes and dreams for the future? Write about what makes them so special to you and how you plan to make them happen.

See the full list of 15 song ideas here.

A Few Closing Thoughts

While music journal ideas are perfect for music class, they also can be used by teachers in all subject areas in order to help students connect with the material that is currently being taught. These music journal ideas are a great starting point for both parents and teachers who want to help their kids develop an appreciation for music while simultaneously improving their writing skills.

Writers can use their music journal in other ways – compiling a list of songs that they love (or don’t love), grouping songs by tempo, or writing about famous musicians from a specific period of time can all be ways to write about music! Even an album cover can be a music writing prompt!

Whether writing about music or writing while listening to music, the most important thing your students can do is continue to keep on writing!

Until next time, write on…

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Music Journal Idea Prompts for Kids

The following article was published on our blog on April 9, 2010 and may still be of interest to our readers today.

To the human ear,  music is a beautiful thing to hear. Can any of us with the gift of hearing imagine a life without the music that inspires or comforts us?

Music has been with us since the beginning. From our beginning we have pounded out sounds on drums to warn the clan against threats, to celebrate the victory of a battle, and to praise and worship the gods. Music arouses the soul and thus becomes a source of inspiration for all. And as we shall see music can become a source for creativity and journal writing for a young writer.

Child’s Music Play

When we were babies most of us were introduced to music by our parents. It’s common for parents to have some form of music producing devices for babies mounted on the baby crib to lull a child to sleep or to entertain them during nap time. Those musical sounds comforted us..

As we grew up and became more aware of our surroundings we were introduced to children’s shows like Barney (TM) and Sesame Street (TM). These programs not only taught us things but often the teaching was combined with songs to help us learn in a fun way. Often these programs put us in the mood to dance and sing along with our favorite characters. These songs inspired us and the singing and dancing are evidence of our developing creativity as a result of that inspiration.

As we became older we found ourselves being attracted to more mature forms of music, especially to those sounds that had a happy and celebratory tune to them. We all can remember our parents playing their favorite songs on the stereo or radio. Although we might not have totally understood the lyrics of those songs, at that time, we would dance and attempt to sing along, especially if mom or dad was looking. What child doesn’t like to perform for their parents? These memories are a good resource for the pre-teen to write about in their journals because it can help them identify the beginning of their own creativity.

Most kids love music of one form or another and many have a variety of different music genres they enjoy listening to. Moreover, many kids who write in a journal will often listen to their favorite music to stimulate thinking and creativity, as well as to help them focus.

Music can also become a source of contemplation and reflection, arousing past memories. This is especially true if a specific memory is associated with a specific song. Often, the lyrics will touch deeply held thoughts and emotions. These reflective instances are fantastic to write about in a journal.

The Young Musician

There are some kids that have an interest in learning to play an instrument and/or becoming a professional musician. Not only can the budding musician write about their desire to play music but they can also write and develop lyrics in their journals. Many well-known musicians have used a journal to help them develop and for the entertainment of others.

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